Corentin Houssein , better known by his pseudonym Gotaga , is a French streamer and videographer specializing in video games and e-sports , born on September 7 , 19931 in Mantes-la-Jolie

He is also an internationally titled 3 professional video game player. Currently in the French E-Sport team Vitality, he is today the most successful French player on consoles 4 , 5 . He is nicknamed “ The French Monster

Awards and Achievements

Gotaga is a finalist to receive the 2019 Esports Award for Best Streamer of the Year.

On November 16, the 2019 Esports Awards ceremony will be held at Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center, and while waiting for this evening, the event organizers have unveiled the list of nominees in each category. Among all the shortlisted candidates, we note the presence of Corentin Houssein, French streamer wearing the colors of the organization Team Vitality and better known under the pseudonym Gotaga. This former professional Call of Duty player will compete in the “best streamer of the year” category and face big names on the scene like Ninja, Shroud and Dr Disrespect.

In terms of other categories, we find Thooorin and Travis Gafford in “Content Creator”, Apex Legends and Super Smash Bros in “Esports Breakthrough game”, as well as Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet (Team Liquid) and Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez (G2 Esports) in “Esports Personality”. Find the full list of 2019 Esports Awards categories and nominees here

Game Date Place Prize Event Team
BO3 2016-05-28 5-6 $ 2,500 ESWC 2016 VIT
BO3 2016-03-25 Q EU CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 1 Relegation VIT
IW3 2017-03-11 1 PS Plus League Gotaga Challenge Showmatch Gotaga`s Team
MW 2019-08-01  1 Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Premiere MICK
WWII 2017-11-02 1 Paris Games Week ShowMatch AllStars VIT


Son of a computer scientist father and a stay-at-home mother , Corentin Houssein has always been surrounded by computers from an early age . He was offered an Xbox at the age of 8, that’s how he discovered the world of video games, then later online teams  . TheAugust 31, 2008, he launches his YouTube channel .

Corentin Houssein follows a scientific course until the scientific terminal at the Lycée Vincent Van Gogh in Aubergenville which he will give up to pursue his passion for gaming to improve and try to make a living  . He will be supported by his parents, although this choice was atypical

it was on the Call of Duty series that he proved himself, won competitions and earned his nickname “ The French Monster ”

Today, a replacement player for Team Vitality (which he co-founded 6 ) on the game Fortnite Battle Royale  and videographer on YouTube (mainly reruns of his shows on Twitch ), he is also the manager since 2012 of his own company 10 . Since 2017, he has surrounded himself with a group of people (the Gotaga Corp)  to manage his marketing, communication, etc.

He also owns an  clothing brand . Gotaga hosts with his friend Doigby a flagship show on Twitch that takes place on Monday evenings, the Masterkill, the team of streamers records a peak of viewers during this show

Gotaga indicates appreciate ZeratoR which for him is an inspiration

The April 9, 2019, Gotaga wins the global influencer tournament organized by ESPN on Twitter , bringing together 64 personalities from the e-sport world . After dethroning the American streamer Ninja , winner of the previous edition, he won the final against the Polish-Canadian streamer Shroud with 54% of the votes (out of 450,000 voters), thus becoming the first European to win this competition

He organizes the June 29, 2018an event, the Gotaga Show, at the Barrière casino in Enghien-les-Bains , broadcast live on its Twitch channel (which will bring together more than 243,000 people live on the Internet) . During this event, he collected 32,420 euros for the benefit of two associations and a company

One of his younger brothers, Ronan, is also a major player in the scene eSports French.


  • His younger brother “Carbon” plays for ArmaTeam, and his sister Melina works for SFCO.
  • He currently has over One Million subscribers on YouTube making him the most popular French player.
  • He is known to many as the “French Monster”.

Team History

  • Sept 2010 – Nov 2011   ⁠ MythiX eSports
  • Nov 2011 – May 2012  ⁠   apeX eSports EU
  • May 2012 – Nov 2012  ⁠  ⁠mythiX eSports
  • Nov 2012 – Apr 2013  ⁠    ⁠Millenium
  • Apr 2013 – Aug 2013  ⁠    All authority
  • Aug 2013 – Nov 2013  ⁠   Team Vitality
  • Nov 2013 – Apr 2014  ⁠   Vitality.Rises
  • Apr 2014 – Jan 2015 ⁠     Team Vitality
  • Jan 2015 – Mar 2015  ⁠    Vitality.X
  • Mar 2015 – Nov 2015    ⁠Millenium
  • Nov 2015 – Present      ⁠Team Vitality

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