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Recruiting Conqueror’s Blade Historians/Diplomats -Conqueror’s Blade

Recruiting Conqueror's Blade Historians/Diplomats -Conqueror's Blade

Warlords, we of Conqueror’s Blade are on our official platforms establishing a War Council and Diplomatic Quarter! Are you eager to share tips and tricks with your fellow players? Or do you wish to grant your house more exposure? Do you wish to receive a boatload of freebies…err, draft articles and earn sovereigns and unique titles? If so, join the War Council or Diplomatic Quarter and work together with Biggy-smart. We are currently recruiting historians for Territory War and house diplomats! The rewards are handsome indeed. The number of posts is limited, so first come first served!

Recruiting Territory War Historians

While Territory War only takes place two times per week, just thinking about the battles makes my blood boil! What’s more, after each one, both houses and alliances emerge and fall, and territories change hands. Some of you are bound to ask the question: what actually happens in each Territory War? Fret not! Starting now, we are officially establishing a War Council and are currently recruiting historians! Bring you brush and your ink, and join Conqueror’s Blade!

Available Positions:

We are looking for 5 Territory War historians: one each for the DI, LA, JC, EF, and SG servers.


1、Veteran Territory War player. Having previously written Territory War reports is a plus.

2、We currently only accept entries in English.

3. Each report should cover Territory War on the whole server and include game analysis.

4. Reports should not include the country of a house but instead use only their house name. Reports should also be objective and not contain discriminatory language.

5. Draft one to two reports per week containing a mixture of images and text. Reports should contain information on the various factions. Reports will be published on the next day on our official platforms.

Historian Remuneration:

1. To be sent in increments which increase with the number of submitted reports. Each article that pass screening will be rewarded with 300-500 Sovereigns.

2. Will upon having established a long-term cooperation be awarded a unique in-game title.

How to Sign Up:

Send submission to our email:

When registering, kindly include a screenshot of your in-game ID and level + past creations + contact method (including Discord ID).

Recruiting Alliance Diplomats

Is your house a force to be reckoned with, yet unknown to many? Is it your house’s ambition to rise above the rest, yet you have no place to express your will? Fret not! We are on our official platforms establishing the Diplomatic Quarter, a place where houses from all servers may meet up! The Diplomatic Quarter are currently inviting Warlords to draft a diplomatic notice for your house!


1. Each house may publish a notice of up to 280 characters, and may include Territory War recruitment, declarations of war, announcements, recruitment, and more.

2. One to two times per week, 5-10 diplomatic notices of different languages and content will be selected and published on our official platforms.

3. Notices may not include insulting, discriminatory, nor provocative content.

4. Diplomatic notices directly represents a house’s image and reputation, so be sure to screen what the content.

Diplomat Remuneration:

1. Diplomats will be rewarded with in-game items at a monthly basis. Should there be any change kindly contact a chat group admin.

2. Houses whose content is selected multiple times in a month may receive a gift code for 10 players.

How to Sign Up:

Sign up by sending us an email to:

When signing up, kindly include your house name + liege contact information + related house information.