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Blast from past: BBC uses HALO logos as UNSC and live broadcasts X-rated film

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When BBC broadcasts X-rated movie during their live show and a series of displaying HALO's logos as United Nations Security Council logo and US office of Naval Intelligence.

bbc uses video game logo as united nations security council

Seems like big old news corp forget to proofread their facts before presenting them to the audience. Yesterday, a reddit user, u/Jetsflighter, posted two pictures where the BBC shared the United Nations Space Command logo from the HALO video game instead of displaying the actual United Nations Council Security image. This is an old incident dated back to 2012.

i think there is a halo troll among them in news corps from halo

Again in 2020, BBC used the “Office of Naval Intelligence” game logo from Deviant Art by DarkJedi1991 instead of displaying the US office of Naval Intelligence.

Mistakes can happen to anyone, even a giant news corporation like BBC, whose sole purpose is to display the “right” news. One can consider this an honest mistake as a reddit user quoted, “Probably some intern googled UNSC (united nations security council) and just chose the first link without verifying the real UNSC logo.”

However, these oops sorts of moments are not new to BBC. Back in 2017, when they accidentally broadcast X-rated scenes to millions of people. A news post published in August 2017 by the Independent covering this story. However, the funny part was this was the same news anchor when they first published HALO’s United Nations Space Command logo in 2012 and when the topless woman was broadcasts along with their routine news shows.