Halo Infinite’s G2 Esports partnered skins in HCS

  • Halo Infinite announced a series of new skins in HCS and partnered with multiple esports organizations.
  • Halo Champions Series skins in collaboration with G2 esports are available in the game.
  • G2 Esports posted about their new bundle of skins.

Halo Infinite recently revealed the new collection of HCS (Halo Champions Series) skins partnered with various creators and esports organizations. Announced at last weekend’s Major in Kansas City, season two esports skin bundles feature a variety of new ways to represent your favorite team out of the original nine partnered organizations.

These new skins bundle includes teams from Cloud9 and Sentinels to G2 Esports and Natus Vincere. Today G2 Esports revealed their skin bundle on Twitter to update their fans.

G2 Skin Bundle in HCS - Halo Infinite.png

In this season two of Halo Infinite, the game organization leaned more toward the casual user base than in season one, where Season one bundles focused heavily on cosmetics geared toward ranked, with only a Battle Rifle skin accompanying the team kits for your Spartan.

The new season two team bundles feature skins for your Assault Rifle, Sidekick, and all three types of Warthog. Additionally, they come with a weapon charm of the team steams logo for the players who’d rather stick to their weapon skins but still want a way to show their allegiances.

Halo Infinite Season 2: G2 Esports Edition Skins in HCS

You can buy the whole G2 Esports bundle for 1,000 credits, including skins for HOG, MA40 Assualt Rifle, and MK50 SideKick. Below I’ve attached the screenshots of their HCS skins:

HCS: G2 Esports Edition AR

HCS: G2 Esports Edition AR

HCS: G2 Esports Edition HOG

HCS: G2 Esports Edition HOG

HCS: G2 Esports Edition SideKick


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