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PGL Major Antwerp: FURIA VS Team Spirit Lineup, Schedule

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The FURIA Esports take on Team Spirit in the quarterfinal of the PGL Major Antwerp. Who will come out on top?

  • The first day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022's Champions Stage.
  • The second match will be played between FURIA Esports and Team Spirit at Antwerp's esports Arena.
  • Stats are more favourable for Team Spirit in comparison to FURIA.
  • The match is the Best of 3 (LAN) and the second Quarter-final match of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

It's the Champions stage and the second match of the first day, followed by the first match between NIP and FaZe Clan in the quater-finals of the biggest CS:GO tournament. Team Spirit and FURIA will face off in the quarterfinals of the PGL Major Antwerp today. Here's a look at the stats and lineup comparison for the two teams. Team Spirit comes into this match as the favorites, with a strong performance in the Legends Stage. They finished first in legends stage matches with a Round Difference of +20 and a Buchholz Score of 3. Also, Spirit was the first team to qualify for the PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinals.

Whereas FURIA was the last one to finish for the quarter-finals. However, the Brazilian team is also performing well. They won the last match against G2 Esports in the Legends stage and also wiped G2's only hope to qualify for the PGL Major Playoffs.

FURIA VS Team Spirit head to head

The most recent match between Team Spirit and FURIA was played on May 14th, 2022, where Team Spirit won the match by 16-12 on Nuke.

Overall match stats

Player wise match stats

Team Spirit and FURIA's Players' stats in Legends Stage match of PGL Major Antwerp 2022

FURIA and Team Spirit Player Roster Stats


  • KPR: Kills Per Round
  • DPR: Deaths Per Round
  • ADPR: Average Damage Per Round

PlayersRATING 2.0KPRDPRKASTIMPACTADPRTeam Spiritchopper0.960.600.6468.7%0.8466.6degster1.290.790.5376.6%1.2180.2magixx1.140.710.5973.4%1.0475.6s1ren1.090.670.6173.6%0.9672.2Patsi1.110.730.7068.3%1.2482.4FURIA EsportsarT1.040.660.7468.1%1.2078.1yuurih1.190.740.5972.5%1.1683.2KSCERATO1.190.730.5874.2%1.1280.0saffee1.030.670.6269.6%0.9766.5drop1.010.600.6073.0%0.9065.3

Teams World Ranking

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world ranking of Team Spirit and FURIA before PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinal match on May 19, 2022.

Team SpiritFURIAWorld Rank #14World Rank #11

Teams Performance Maps

The table below includes both Spirit and FURIA's performance based on the maps they played in the past three months. Before their PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinal match on May 19, 2022.

Match lineup core winrate, past 3 months, min. 3 maps played.

MapsTeam SpiritFURIADust283% 6 maps-Mirage50% 10 maps50% 8 mapsInferno-33% 9 mapsNuke86% 7 maps45% 11 mapsOverpass75% 4 maps100% 3 mapsVertigo50% 4 maps88% 8 mapsAncient100% 4 maps80% 5 maps

Looking at the map stats, FURIA is strong on Inferno and Train, while Team Spirit is strong on Nuke. Dust2, which will be the first map, is a bit of a wildcard.