It's the first day of CS:GO PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinals, and the first match is between the North American team FaZe and the Swedish esports organization Ninjas in Pyjamas.

FaZe Clan is up against NIP. Both teams are coming into this match with a lot of momentum, and it's sure to be a close one. FaZe Clan has been on a roll lately, winning several tournaments leading up to this event. NIP is no slouch either, they've been consistently placing well in tournaments, and they're looking to take down FaZe Clan.

From today, every match comes under a single-elimination bracket. A single match loss will entirely wipe out the team's chances of winning the biggest CS:GO tournament.

Stats wise, both teams are somewhat similar. However, NIP is at #7 in World's ranking and FaZe Clan, on the other hand, is #1. FaZe has been maintaining its number one ranking for quite a while. The Ukrainian team Natus Vincere did take the number one spot, but in the BLAST Premier event, FaZe regained its number one position in the World's ranking.

FaZe Clan VS NIP Player Roster Stats 

If we look into the statistics of each player between both teams, overall, FaZe seems to be stronger than NIP's roster players.

Both players are rifles if we compare REZ from NIP and rain from FaZe. REZ has a KPR of 0.76, and rain has 0.70. REZ has a 1.29 IMPACT score, whereas rain falls behind by 0.14 with the average IMPACT rating of 1.09.

Fun fact: Both REZ and rain are the oldest players in the current roster of both teams by joining date.

The stats contains the average of all matches played by the players in the past 3 months before their PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinal match on May 19, 2022.


  • KPR: Kills Per Round
  • DPR: Deaths Per Round
  • KPR: Average Damage Per Round
Ninjas in Pyjamas
es3tag 0.96 0.60 0.63 70.5% 0.82 62.9
REZ 1.21 0.76 0.76 74.4% 1.29 83.7
Plopski 1.04 0.66 0.64 72.9% 0.93 70.3
hampus 1.04 0.66 0.68 67.3% 1.10 78.1
Brollan 1.15 0.73 0.66 69.4% 1.30 83.7
FaZe Clan
rain 1.10 0.70 0.67 71.2% 1.15 78.8
broky 1.20 0.76 0.57 76.0% 1.09 76.4
Twistzz 1.12 0.67 0.58 75.0% 0.99 75.2
ropz 1.15 0.74 0.58 72.0% 1.15 74.8
karrigan 0.96 0.59 0.68 67.1% 0.96 70.5

Teams World Ranking

Counter-Strike Global Offensive world ranking of FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas before PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinal match on May 19, 2022.

FaZe Clan Ninjas in Pyjamas
World Rank #1 World Rank #7

Teams Performance Maps

The table below includes both FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas' performance based on the maps they played in the past three months. Before their PGL Major Antwerp's quarterfinal match on May 19, 2022.

Maps NIP FaZe
Dust2 - 56% 9 maps
Mirage 60% 5 maps 64% 11 maps
Inferno 75% 8 maps 67% 12 maps
Nuke 67% 6 maps 100% 6 maps
Overpass 57% 7 maps 67% 6 maps
Vertigo 29% 7 maps -
Ancient 67% 9 maps 100% 3 maps

Prediction for FaZe VS NIP's Quarterfinal Match in PGL Major Antwerp 2022

Stats are mostly favouring the FaZe Clan and their strong performance in the recent matches. However, NIP is also performing well but not as much as FaZe Clan as per the stats. The second map between the NIP vs Natus Vincere match in Legends Stage was close. It was not like NIP won by a significant margin, 14 - 16. Still, NAVI won the match and took the third match by storm with an enormous margin. The final score was 16 - 4 on the Ancient map.

Whereas, FaZe hasn't had such a match for a long time, even though they took the World's number one spot from NAVI by winning the ESL Pro League Season 15 and BLAST Premier World Final 2022 on April 10 2022.

The odds are in favour of FaZe Clanbut who knows?

Who will qualify for the CS:GO Major's semi-finals today? Please tune in and share your prediction with us on Twitter @thegamerstats.