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Stable Ronaldo joins FaZe Clan

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The 19-years-old famous Fornite streamer Stable Ronaldo joins the European international esport team FaZe Clan as a streamer. Previously, was part of the NRG esports.


On June 30th, the 19-years-old streamer Stable Ronaldo became part of the European international esports team FaZe Clan. Stable Ronaldo announced this news on Thursday night on Twitter, where the official Twitter handle of FaZe also posted a little less than 4 minutes collaborated welcome video featuring, of course, now FaZe Ronaldo.

The video is funny, and in the end, Nordan Shat (one of the owners of FaZe Clan) gives him the FaZe branded pendant.

Stable Ronaldo, then now "FaZe Ronaldo," was previously part of NRG Esports as a Fornite streamer but left the team last year.

Stable gets his online fame in Fortnite and becomes an internet celebrity and a strong Fornite player. He has continuously entrained his audience on Twitch throughout his career.

Later on (after almost two hours), FaZe posted another tweet stating, "Ronaldo > Messi," and received a missed reaction from the public, as we all know why. Some people started criticizing FaZe as Messi fans and said, "stick to the gaming." Whereas some stated, "that's why they are the clearest esports organization" as Ronaldo's fans.

However, they might have posted this because the Stable Ronaldo is joining FaZe Clan, and they were pranking their fans. But who knows? It's FaZe Clan.