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Dakotaz PC Specs

Dakotaz PC Specs
[Updated 2021]

Brett Hoffman better known as dakotaz, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Dearborn, Michigan who plays Fortnite: Battle Royale as well as other titles.

While he has streamed other games in the past, including Fortnite almost exclusively, he now plays a variety including Among Us. He also uses the tag “Dark”, his alias is sometimes abbreviated “DK”.

Dakotaz Gaming Gear

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Dakotaz Gaming Setup

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Dakotaz Gaming PC, Gear, and Streaming PC details

Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG258Q

The ROG Swift PG258Q eSports monitor continues the ever-advancing legacy and design of ROG, delivering a 25″ Full HD (1920x1080p) 1ms panel with a native 240Hz refresh rate. Nvidia G-SYNC eliminates screen-tearing for smooth gaming while ASUS exclusive eye Care technology reduces eyestrain with blue light filtering and flicker-free backlighting.

Mouse: Logitech G502 HERO

Logitech updated its iconic G502 gaming mouse to deliver even higher performance and more precise functionality than ever. Logitech G502 Hero high Performance Gaming mouse features the next generation Hero 16K Optical sensor, The highest performing and most efficient gaming sensor Logitech has ever made. An all-New lens and an updated tracking algorithm deliver ultra-precise tracking with no acceleration, smoothing, or filtering over the entire DPI range. Now, customize RGB mouse lighting to match your style and environment or sync to other Logitech G products. No matter your gaming style, It’s easy to tweak G502 Hero to match your requirements, with custom profiles for your games, adjustable sensitivity from 200 upto 16, 000 DPI, and a tunable weight system that allows for tuning and balancing of upto five 3. 6G weights for just the right balance and feel.

Mousepad: Logitech G640 TSM Edition

Moderate surface friction surface gives the right amount of resistance to the mouse feet when starting or stopping a rapid or sudden movement common to low DPI gaming Consistent surface texture provides the sensor the optimal imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement, an improvement over often inconsistent or dirty table or desk surfaces.

Keyborad: Logitech G Pro Mechanical

Pro grade Logitech G mechanical keyboard built to the exacting specifications of ESports athletes for a competition level blend of speed, precision and quiet performance Durable Romer G switches deliver 25 percent faster actuation than standard mechanical switches so every keypress is nearly instantaneous from fingers to screen ; Durability: 70 million keypresses Ultra-portable sleek and compact design frees up table space for mouse movement and is easy to pack and transport to tournaments: Rock Solid Reliability Detachable Micro USB cables features a three pronged design for an easy, secure connection and safe transport in your travel bag.

Headset: Logitech G Pro

Hear your game precisely, speak with confidence, and remove all distractions. Logitech G Pro headset is designed and built to the exacting Specifications of professional gamers and streamers. Noise-isolating leatherette ear pads, pro-grade Microphone, and featherweight construction make Pro headset perfect for hectic tournament conditions. Lightened headband uses TR90 nylon, high-carbon steel Slider and polycarbonate pivots. Lightweight polymer ear cup shell and forks further reduce weight and increase strength. The updated, pro-grade Microphone has improved sensitivity, frequency range and Signal-to-Noise ratio. Advanced pro-g drivers with a patent-pending, anti-distortion design deliver booming bass and precise clarity. Includes PC/console cable with inline volume and mute functionality. Noise Isolation – Up to 16dB Noise Isolation

CPU: Intel Core i7-7800X

Something for every Enthusiast! This new Intel Core i7-7800X processor is designed to scale to your performance needs by delivering 6 cores & 12 threads for extreme performance, the latest technological advancements and headroom for the future. This platform comes ready to install Intel Optane memory and Intel Optane SSDs for amazing system responsiveness. Support for immersive 4K visuals, four channel DDR4 2666 memory, Thunderbolt 3 (delivering a 40Gb/s bi-directional port for almost any peripheral you want to connect) and up to 8 SATA ports for a RAID storage array makes this the ultimate desktop platform. This processor is compatible with the Intel X299 Chipset. For even more performance check out the rest of the X-series family of processors.


NVIDIA’s newest flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti, is a revolution in gaming realism and performance. Its powerful NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture, breakthrough technologies, and 11 GB of next-gen, ultra-fast GDDR6 memory make it the world’s ultimate gaming GPU. The factory overclocked GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti Founders Edition graphics card features a next-gen 13-phase power supply for maximum overclocking and dual-axial 13-blade fans coupled with a new vapor chamber for ultra-cool and quiet performance. When it comes to next-gen gaming, it’s all about realism. GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is light years ahead of other cards, delivering truly unique real-time ray-tracing technologies for cutting-edge, hyper-realistic graphics.

Mainborad: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2

Ready for hardcore 24/7 operation, the TUF X299 Mark 2 possesses the looks, overclocking durability and optimized cooling The Ultimate Force (TUF) motherboards are famous for. Thermal Armor and Thermal Radar 3 provide ducted airflow and system fan control for superior cooling, while SafeSlot provides PCIe rigidity for heavyweight GPUs.

Memory: Adata xpg z1 32gb

Superior power efficiency: A 20% reduction of power (Operating Voltage decreases from 1. 5V to 1. 2V) incredible speeds up to 2800MHz transfer bandwidth up to 22. 4GB/s thermal conductive technology (TCT) for great heat dissipation high-quality 10-layer Black PCB with 2oz of copper for superior stability and cooling performance Supports Intel Core i7 Has well-E HEDT (high-end desktop) processor and the x99 platform supports Intel XMP 2. 0 (extreme Memory Profile) RoHS Compliant

Case: Thermaltake Core P3

Give your desktop PC or laptop a performance boost with the Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD. Featuring Samsung V-NAND technology and Dynamic Thermal Guard protection, the 960 PRO is ideal for high-end PCs and workstations. The SSD boasts exceptional read-write speeds that allow it to easily handle high-intensity tasks such as video editing, data analysis, and gaming. And it comes with Samsung’s Magician software so you can easily monitor, manage, and optimize drive performance.

Questions About Dakotaz

Dakotaz uses the Intel Core i9-9900K CPU, Nvidia GeForce TX 2080 Ti graphic card, and Asus TUF X299 Mark 2 motherboard with 32 GB ram sticks of ADATA.

Brett Hoffman is the real name of Twitch streamer Dakotaz.

Dakotaz uses Logitech G502 Hero gaming mmouse with Logitech G640 TSM edition mousepad for his Fortnite battles.

The popular streamer uses HEIL PR40 microphone for recording and his gameplay videos.

For gaming and streaming Dakotaz uses Logitech G PRO mechanical keyboard.

Dakotaz uses 24.5inches’ monitor from Asus ROG swift PG258Q for his gaming and streaming.

Dakotaz Profile

Age34 (July 13, 1986 )
ProfessionAmerican Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, and a professional Fortnite player
HighlightDakotaz gained over 30,000 subscribers from Infestation videos
Current Favourite GameFortnite: Battle Royale
Last UpdatedAugust 2020

Brett has a twin brother who goes by his own alias ‘Drnkie’. He is also a Twitch Streamer.

Brett stumbled upon PUBG, gaining partial success off of it before the release of Fortnite. Brett only enveloped 100,000 Twitch followers and 92,000 subscribers on YouTube before Fortnite.

TSM (Team SoloMid) is an eSports team that Dakotaz joined alongside HighDistortion on January 11, 2018. Exactly 1 year later, Dakotaz decided to leave TSM on his own will and see what would happen for the rest of the 2019

Dakotaz Career Highlights

Subscriber Milestones

1 million subscribersFebruary 12, 2018
2 million subscribersJuly 18, 2018
3 million subscribersMarch 1, 2019

Video View Milestones

100 million viewsApril 5, 2018
200 million viewsOctober 15, 2018

Dakotaz Most Popular YouTube Video

Dakotaz’s most popular video on YouTube is titledBEST SNIPES OF 2018 – TWO MILLION SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!! (Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments) .This video was uploaded in April 2018.   This video got over 6m views so far and 136k likes.

Dakotaz First YouTube Video

Dakotaz’s most popular video on YouTube is titled First Look – Victory Royale! (Fortnite Battle Royale). Dakotaz got 1.9m views and 57k likes on this video.

Dakotaz Wiki

Dakotaz is a popular gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer from the United States. He has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

Brett Hoffman is better known online as Dakotaz (also known as Dark and initialized as DK), is an American Twitch Streamer, YouTuber, and a professional Fortnite player. Brett streams on Twitch everyday and uploads on YouTube almost everyday commentating and making gameplays on something that is recently added to Fortnite and/or the moments, notably snipes. He is 34 Years old and was born on July 13, 1986.

Dakotaz Awards and Achievements

2018-10-28 5th Team-based Tournament » Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series – Clubs Standings $2,500.00 Fortnite

Daktoz History

(Due to his previous gameplay videos being privated by Dakotaz, his old gameplays has been found by the Wayback Machine)

Brett began streaming the month he created his YouTube channel. He emerged from uploading gameplay videos of Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly known as The War Z) featuring funny moments, announcements, and clips. He gained over 30,000 subscribers from Infestation videos before moving on to H1Z1, and has gained a reputation while doing so. Brett stumbled upon PUBG, gaining partial success off of it before the release of Fortnite. Brett only enveloped 100,000 Twitch followers and 92,000 subscribers on YouTube before Fortnite. Fortnite puts him in the position he is at now for his gameplay, commentaries and snipes.

Dakotaz Personal Life

Brett has a twin brother who goes by his own alias ‘Drnkie’. He is also a Twitch Streamer.

Dakotaz TSM

TSM (Team SoloMid) is an eSports team that Dakotaz joined alongside HighDistortion on January 11, 2018. Exactly 1 year later, Dakotaz decided to leave TSM on his own will and see what would happen for the rest of the 2019.

Dakotaz Controversy

Feud with Ninja

Brett and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has had backlash at each other while livestreaming and on Twitter. It all started on December 19, 2019, with a tweet by Brett talking about how Fortnite is in a “hot garbage” state. Tyler responded saying that he could play another game, but gets bored and ‘sleepy’ of other games besides Fortnite.

Tyler made a response while live streaming stating that Brett should not call the game “garbage” if it doesn’t make him bored or “fall asleep”. Brett’s final response was to let his opinion go through.

Since the beef days later, Brett hated Tyler’s fans sending hate and negativity towards him, and decided to block Tyler on Twitter on December 24, 2019.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: February 12, 2018
  • 2 million subscribers: July 18, 2018
  • 3 million subscribers: March 1, 2019

Video View Milestones

  • 100 million views: April 5, 2018
  • 200 million views: October 15, 2018

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