Aydan cover


American Competitive ESports Gamer

Name Aydan
Age 21 (May 25, 1999)
Profession American competitive eSports gamer
Nationality American
Highlight Aydan winning every encounter against NICKMERCS
Team None
Current Favourite Game Fornite
Last Updated August 2020

Aydan Conrad  better known online as Ghost Aydan or simply Aydan, is an American competitive eSports gamer. Aydan first found major success after defeating NICKMERCS in Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish

Both NICKMERCS and Aydan were qualified in Fortnite’s first tournament, the Summer Skirmish. The 2 facing off was the most talked due to both the players being on Controller. Aydan once claimed he only had 100 viewers on average before his success from the Summer Skirmish, and now tops off 10,000 viewers on average. During mid-games and end-games of the tournament, Aydan loves to play aggressive in the game.

The 2 have encountered each other multiple times but has yet to kill each other yet. Nick and Aydan were inside a hotel in Tilted Towers, and Nick was standing still to hear Aydan. They both counter each other, Nick taking away half of Aydan’s health, but built away while Nick was shooting.


Aydan has been awarded $16,966.66 in cash prizes from 6 tournaments within the last 90 days, $1,833.33 (or 10.81%) of which came in the last month.

Aydan Most Popular Video on YouTube

Aydan’s most popular video on YouTube is titled INSANE 33 KILL SOLO VS SQUADS. This video was uploaded in Feb 2019.   This video got over 3.9m views so far and 59k likes.

Aydan First Video on YouTube

Aydan’s most popular video on YouTube is titled Aydan Twitch Highlights 1. Bugha got 44k views and 1.3k likes on this video.

Aydan Net Worth

As of today, Aydan’s Net Worth can be estimated to be around $1 Million – $5 Million.

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