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American Twitch streamer

Name CDNThe3rd
Age 37 (December 14, 1982)
Profession American Twitch streamer
Nationality American
Highlight Fortnite’s release, CDN almost immediately gained a huge following
Team None
Current Favourite Game Fornite
Last Updated August 2020

Caesar is a professional eSports player in the Battle Royale and FPS genre and has been very well known across the community.

And he then moved on to H1Z1 and was a professional player just a few years later. Although he wasn’t as popular back then, he was mainly well-known from it since 2015.

Since the release of Fortnite Season 3, Caesar got his own symbol ‘[+]’ (aka Positivity) added to the game, inside the Seasons’ battle pass


Subscriber Milestones

Subscriber Date
100,000 subscribers November 26, 2017
200,000 subscribers December 15, 2017
300,000 subscribers December 27, 2017
400,000 subscribers January 6, 2018
500,000 subscribers January 15, 2018
600,000 subscribers January 27, 2018
700,000 subscribers Febuary 13, 2018
800,000 subscribers March 1, 2018
900,000 subscribers March 25, 2018
1 million subscribers April 10, 2018
1.1million subscribers May 19, 2018
1.2millionsubscribers October 8, 2018

CDNThe3rd Most Popular Video on YouTube

CDNThe3rd’s most popular video on YouTube is titled SEASON 3 REACTION! OUR VERY OWN EMOTE! [+] (Fortnite). This video was uploaded in Febaury 2018.   This video got over 3m views so far and 61k likes.

CDNThe3rd First Video on YouTube

CDNThe3rd’s most popular video on YouTube is titled Our First Night On DayZ – 3/3 [DayZ Mod]. CDNThe3rd got 5k views and 94likes on this video.

Aydan Net Worth

CDNThe3rd Net Worth – 1.8 Million. CDNThe3rd is a popular Twitch streamer from New Jersey, United States whose real name is Caesar Noriega. He has an estimated net worth of $1.8 million. He is a professional Fortnite gamer and has been doing it since 2010.

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