Gotaga cover


Professional Video Game Player

Name Gotaga
Age 26 (September 7 , 1993)
Profession French streamer and videographer
Nationality French
Highlight He won the final against the Polish-Canadian streamer
Team None
Current Favourite Game Fornite
Last Updated August 2020

He is also an internationally titled 3 professional video game player. Currently in the French E-Sport team Vitality, he is today the most successful French player on consoles

The April 9, 2019, Gotaga wins the global influencer tournament organized by ESPN on Twitter , bringing together 64 personalities from the e-sport world .

He organizes the June 29, 2018an event, the Gotaga Show, at the Barrière casino in Enghien-les-Bains , broadcast live on its Twitch channel (which will bring together more than 243,000 people live on the Internet)



Gotaga won 1st prize of EGL 2 Tournament in United Kingdom

Gotaga Most Popular Video on YouTube

Gotaga’s most popular video on YouTube is titled Je fais rager LeStream ! (COD: WW2). This video was uploaded in December 2017.   This video got over 6m views so far and 143k likes.

Gotaga First Video on YouTube

Gotaga’s most popular video on YouTube is titled GoTaGa – 1v4 clutch vs downLoad at 3-3 last map. Gotaga got 226k views and 4.6k likes on this video.

Gotaga Net Worth

Gotaga is a french streamer and professional sports payer who has net worth of around $ 500 Thousans Dollars

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