Twitch Streamer and Retired Esports player

Name Jaryd Russell Lazar
Age 33 (April 23, 1987)
Profession Twitch Streamer and Retired Esports player
Nationality American
Highlight First most Viewed Spanish YouTuber
Team None
Current Favourite Game Escape from Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V
Last Updated Aug 2020

Turner Ellis Tenney (born on January 2,1998) professionally known by his online alias Tfue is an American streamer. He is an esports player playing Fortnite. He has gained his success by playing Fortnite but currently he streams Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Twitch.

Turner is a member of JOOGSQUAD and he had done a lot of collaborative videos on the channel that containing scooters, stunts, skateboarding and surfing. After that he did a lot of cliff and bridge jumping. After that Turner started his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel as Destiny YouTuber and Call of Duty.

In 2016, he moved on H1Z1 and then started playing PUBG.


On April 21, 2016, El Rubius received the “YouTuber of the Year” award at the 1st Play Awards ceremony celebrated in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Summit1g Most Popular Video on YouTube

Summit1G’s most popular video on YouTube is titled  Summit1G Athena Chest Steal #2 (Double steal). This video was uploaded in January 2019.   This video got over 2m views so far and 22k likes.

Summit1g First Video on YouTube

Summit1G’s most popular video on YouTube is titled WarZ – summit1g: Post Office Round 1. Summit1G 32k views and 199 likes on this video.

Summit1g Bio

Summit1g has a net worth estimated to be between $2 million and $4 million, but some sources believe it could be much higher. This impressive net worth has been built from a number of different sources, such as Twitch subscribers, ad revenue, and sponsorship deals with gaming brands.

Jaryd Russell Lazar, more commonly known by his online alias summit1g, is an American Twitch streamer, and retired competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player that formerly played for professional esports teams, A51, and Mythic. After retiring from competitive esports, Lazar became a well-known streamer on Twitch by streaming CS:GO and WarZ. He currently streams a variety of video games, such as Escape from Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V, Sea of Thieves, and Valorant. He is 33 years old and was born on April 23, 1987.

Summit1g Awards and Achievements

Date Prize Tournaments Won Game
2018-12-22 3rd-4th KEEMSTAR and UMG Creative Destruction Tournament $5,000.00 Creative Destruction
2019-03-01 2nd Code Red #2 $2,333.33 Apex Legends
2019-11-12 4th Twitch Rivals: Legends of Halo $1,875.00 Halo: Reach
2015-09-26 10th H1Z1 Invitational 2015 (Game 2) $1,734.00 H1Z1
2019-02-12 6th Twitch Rivals: ALC North America 1 $1,500.00 Apex Legends
2016-05-08 7th-8th DreamHack Austin 2016 (CS:GO) $400.00 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-28 8th Twitch Rivals Splitgate Tournament (NA 2) $275.00 Splitgate: Arena Warfare
2017-04-23 3rd-4th ESEA NA CS:GO Main Season 24 $270.00 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-03-28 4th Alienware Area 51 Cup $200.00 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament: The largest cash prize that summit1g has been awarded from a single tournament was $5,000.00 from KEEMSTAR and UMG Creative Destruction Tournament on December 22, 2018. He placed 3rd-4th, making up 35.60% of his total prize money won.

Summit1g Streaming on Twitch

In 2017, Lazar garnered widespread attention for surpassing Tom “Syndicate” Cassell in the amount of followers on Twitch. And in 2018, Lazar became the most-followed channel on the platform, surpassing Riot Games.

In May 2020, Lazar signed a multi-year contract with Twitch, regarding content and partnership support. As of July 25, 2020, he has over 5.3 million followers on Twitch, and is ranked as the sixth-most followed streamer on the platform.

Summit1g History

Jaryd has been playing games since he was just a little kid. As he was getting older, he has been becoming a professional player in multiple games. Thus, he competed in many eSports tournaments, CS:GO tournaments, PUBG tournaments, and H1Z1 tournaments. He joined Exertus in December, 2012, which is also when he made his tournament debut. At the 2013 ESEA tournament, he came 7th place. He has also done livestream tournaments for charity on H1Z1, CS:GO, and PUBG. He has won many tournaments against other streamers. Jaryd even competed at the 2017 TwitchCon with DrDisRespect and Sodapoppin.

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