How to play Genshin Impact with Mouse & Keyboard on iPad?

Recently, many talks and discussions have been about playing Genshin Impact on iPad using a mouse and keyword. I saw several guides on this topic, and people seem to have problems yet. I’m trying to create a clear and simple guide for this, and hopefully, it will work for you. If not, leave a comment below so we can look into the solutions.

What mouse and keyboard should you use?

First of all, let’s talk about the mouse and keyboard. Which one should you use to play Genshin Impact on your iPad? You can use whichever mouse and keyboard you want to use. Whether they are wireless or wired, it doesn’t matter. As long as they work with your iPad, it’s enough to use them to play the game.

How to play Genshin Impact on an iPad using Mouse and Keyboard?

1. Connecting mouse and keyboard

a.) Steps for wired keyboard and mouse

First, connect the keyboard and mouse to your iPad if you have a wired mouse, keyboard, or both. Get a “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” and plug that into your iPad. Next, connect the wired keyboard and mouse to the adapter. Lastly, test it with something like typing in the browser or notes and do the same for the mouse. Check out this article from Lifewire for more details about connecting a wired keyboard and mouse.

If you’re wired, mouse and keyboard are fine, then move to the next section or if you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, follow along with me here.

b.) Steps for wireless keyboard and mouse

To connect your wireless keyboard and mouse with an iPad. Firstly, turn on the mouse and keyboard and ensure they are charged. Open the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn on the Bluetooth by tapping the switch button. Then select your mouse and keyboard’s Bluetooth name from the Other Devices list (if you’re using them for the first time with your iPad) and pair them. If you’re asked for a PIN when you pair Magic Mouse, type “0000” (four zeros), then tap Pair.

If the mouse is already paired with your Mac or another iPad, you must unpair them before you can connect the mouse to your iPad. For iPad, Go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap the information button next to the device’s name, then tap Forget This Device. On Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth, select the device, then Control-click its name.

2. Setting up switches

Before you jump on playing Genshin, you must set the switches option in the iPad settings. To set your switches go to Accessibility > Switches, and here, you can add, delete, and edit your switches options as per your needs. You might ask, what are switches on iPad? Switches in the iPad are keybinds in any PC game. You can change the default keys to whatever you want. For example, the default to run forward in most games is “W”, but I can change that and make it “P”.

Switches are important to play the Genshin Impact with your keyboard. To add a switch, tap “Add new switch” in Switch Control, then tap “External” (because you want to enable your keyboard’s switches and it’s an external device), then press the key from your external keyboard. It will open up the iPad’s built-in touch keyboard because you have to use the built-in keyboard to name your Switch. The external keyboard won’t work. So, enter the name of your Switch and tap on Save. Lastly, scroll down a little and select the “Tap” option from the “SYSTEM” options, and this is how you need to add all the required switches, like “W” for forward and “S” for backwards, etc., in the iPad’s Switch Control.

3. Create recipe for switches

Now, you must create recipes for all those switches created in the previous step to play Genshin Impact on the iPad. To create a recipe, go to Accessibility > Switch Control Recipes. You can find recipes just below the switches options. Tap on that, then tap “Create New Recipe…”

  1. Enter the name
  2. Tap on “Assign a Switch…”
  3. Select the Switch you want to assign; let’s say the “W” switch, which we created in our guide.
  4. Now, open the Genshin Impact and don’t close the Settings; minimize it.
  5. IMPORTANT: This is an important step to enable the external keyboard key for the game. Now, you need to keep your one finger on the exact location of the forward running arrow in the game, which is on the left side. Tap it once or twice to make sure that the location is correct. Then keep your finger on that area (don’t tap it) and simultaneously minimize the game (by scrolling upwards from the bottom of your iPad). Open the iPad settings again and tap “Hold at Point,” a blank screen will open up and tap with the same finger you were holding from the game. Once you tap it, the window will automatically close.

Now, open the Genshin Impact and test the “W” key with your keyboard, and it will start working.


Summary and Conclusion

Following this process, you can create all the required switches for the game and play the Genshin Impact on your keyboard and mouse.

In summary, connect your keyboard and mouse. Create switches for particular keys like W, S, D, A, etc. Create new recipes and assign switches to those recipes. Point the taps to those recipes and play the game.

Checkout this YouTube video.

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