Top CS:GO Teams | Best 20 of 2023

Top 20 CS:GO Teams in 2023
Top CS:GO Teams in 2023

In the world of competitive gaming, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has established itself as one of the most popular and thrilling esports titles. With a dedicated fan base and numerous professional tournaments, CS:GO showcases the skills of the top teams from around the globe. As we step into 2023, let’s take a closer look at the top 20 CS:GO teams that are making waves and setting new standards in the competitive scene.

Since its release in 2012, CS:GO has captivated the hearts of gamers and esports enthusiasts worldwide. With its intense gameplay, strategic depth, and high skill ceiling, the game has become a breeding ground for talented players and competitive teams. The CS:GO professional scene features a plethora of tournaments, including the prestigious Majors, where the best teams battle it out for glory and massive prize pools.

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1. Vitality: Reigning Supreme

Team vitality

Heading the list is Team Vitality, a French powerhouse that has consistently dominated the CS:GO scene. Led by the legendary player Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Vitality exhibits exceptional teamwork, tactical prowess, and individual skill. With numerous tournament victories and high placements, they have firmly established themselves as the team to beat.

2. Heroic


Heroic, a Danish organization, has been on an upward trajectory in recent times. With their methodical approach and strong map pool, Heroic has consistently challenged the top teams. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and young talents have earned them a place among the elite.

3. FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan, a global esports organization, boasts a star-studded roster that includes some of the biggest names in CS:GO. Known for their flashy playstyle and aggressive tactics, FaZe Clan has always been a force to be reckoned with. Although they have faced ups and downs, their sheer talent and resilience make them a formidable opponent.

4. G2 Esports

g2 esports

G2 Esports, a European organization, has consistently showcased their versatility and adaptability in the CS:GO competitive scene. With a blend of seasoned veterans and young prodigies, G2 Esports has proven their capability to outshine their opponents in crucial moments.



ENCE, a Finnish team, has made significant strides in the CS:GO world. Their exceptional teamwork and innovative strategies have led them to success on multiple occasions. ENCE’s consistent performances have put them in the spotlight and gained them a devoted fan base.

6. Cloud9

Cloud9, an American organization, has been a trailblazer in the CS:GO scene. Known for their aggressive and unpredictable playstyle, Cloud9 has had its fair share of triumphs. While they have undergone roster changes in recent years, they continue to push the boundaries and challenge the established teams.

7. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere, commonly known as Na’Vi, hails from the CIS region and boasts some of the most talented players in the world. With their explosive gameplay and strategic brilliance, Na’Vi has achieved remarkable success in the CS:GO landscape. Led by the legendary player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Na’Vi is a team that always demands attention.

8. GamerLegion

GamerLegion, a Swedish organization, has been making steady progress in the CS:GO competitive scene. With their young roster and hunger for success, GamerLegion has shown promising performances. As they continue to develop and gain experience, they have the potential to challenge the established giants.

9. Apex

Apex, a Brazilian team, has been making waves in the CS:GO community. With their aggressive playstyle and explosive firepower, Apex has carved a niche for themselves. Their relentless pursuit of victory and determination to prove themselves has garnered them attention from fans and competitors alike.

10. Team Liquid

Team Liquid, a renowned North American organization, has consistently fielded a competitive CS:GO team. With their tactical depth and strong individual players, Team Liquid has achieved remarkable success. They continue to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of what is possible.

11. MOUZ

MOUZ, a European organization, has a rich history in CS:GO. Known for their strategic approach and team chemistry, MOUZ has been a consistent contender in tournaments. With a mixture of experienced players and rising stars, MOUZ continues to represent the best of European CS:GO.

12. Monte

Monte, an Asian team, has been making significant strides in the CS:GO landscape. With their innovative strategies and unique playstyle, Monte has caught the attention of the global audience. As they continue to refine their skills and gain exposure, Monte has the potential to shake up the established hierarchy.


FURIA, a Brazilian team, has emerged as a formidable force in the CS:GO scene. With their aggressive and unpredictable playstyle, FURIA has caused upsets and stunned their opponents. Their tenacity and resilience make them a team that should never be underestimated.

14., a Russian organization, has a storied history in CS:GO. Known for their tactical prowess and resilience, has proven their mettle time and time again. Despite facing challenges, they continue to showcase their strength and determination.

15. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), a legendary organization in the CS:GO world, has rejuvenated its legacy in recent years. With a blend of experienced players and fresh talent, NiP has demonstrated their ability to compete at the highest level. Their rich history and passionate fan base make them a cherished team in the community.

16. fnatic

fnatic, a Swedish organization, has a long-standing presence in the CS:GO scene. With their strategic brilliance and storied history, fnatic has cemented their status as one of the most successful teams in the game. While they have undergone roster changes, fnatic continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

17. Astralis

Astralis, a Danish team, has been the epitome of dominance in CS:GO. With their meticulous approach to the game and exceptional teamwork, Astralis has achieved unprecedented success. They have set new standards and raised the bar for excellence in the competitive scene.

18. Imperial

Imperial, a rising team, has been making significant strides in the CS:GO landscape. With their determination and hunger for success, Imperial has caught the attention of fans and analysts. As they continue to grow and refine their strategies, Imperial has the potential to become a formidable contender.

19. OG

OG, a European organization, has been making waves in the CS:GO community. With their unique playstyle and innovative strategies, OG has impressed both fans and opponents. Their talented roster and creative approach make them an exciting team to watch.

20. BIG

BIG, a German CS:GO team, has emerged as a dominant force in the competitive scene. Led by the experienced in-game leader tabseN, they exhibit strategic gameplay and remarkable teamwork. With their meticulous approach and strong individual skills, BIG has achieved notable success in tournaments. As ambassadors of German CS:GO, they inspire aspiring players and contribute to the growth of the local esports scene. BIG’s continuous improvement and hunger for success position them as formidable contenders in the CS:GO landscape.

As we reflect on the top 20 CS:GO teams in 2023, it becomes evident that the competitive landscape is filled with talent, passion, and fierce competition. Each team brings its unique playstyle, strategies, and aspirations to the forefront, captivating audiences and inspiring the next generation of gamers. The world of CS:GO continues to evolve in Counter-Strike 2, and these teams serve as the vanguards of excellence, shaping the future of the game.


Who is the top-ranked CS:GO team in 2023?

Vitality currently holds the top rank in the CS:GO scene in 2023. With their exceptional performances and consistent victories, they have solidified their position as the best team in the world.

Are there any up-and-coming CS:GO teams worth watching?

Absolutely! Keep an eye on teams like GamerLegion, Apex, and Imperial. These rising stars have shown tremendous potential and are poised to make their mark in the competitive scene.

Which region dominates the CS:GO competitive landscape?

Europe has historically been a dominant force in CS:GO, with teams like Vitality, Heroic, and G2 Esports leading the way. However, teams from other regions, such as Brazil and North America, have also made significant strides and are challenging the European dominance.

Are there any legendary players still active in CS:GO?

Yes, there are several legendary players who are still actively competing in CS:GO. Players like Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, and Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund continue to showcase their skills and leave a lasting impact on the game.

How can I stay updated with the latest CS:GO tournaments and team rankings?

To stay updated with the latest CS:GO tournaments and team rankings, you can follow Gamer Stats on Twitter, official CS:GO social media accounts, and dedicated CS:GO communities. These sources provide regular updates, match schedules, and in-depth analysis of the competitive scene.

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