Nickmercs PC Specs

Nick Kolcheff better known online as NICKMERCS, is an American Bodybuilder and eSports YouTuber well-known for his Fortnite gameplay as a console player.

Player Info

Name Nick Kolcheff
Player Earnings $7,850
Country United States
Date of birth November 21, 1990
Status Active
Career Duration 2021 – Present
Team FaZe Clan

Nickmercs Gaming Gear




View on amazon ALIENWARE AW2518H




View on amazon ASTRO A40

Gaming PC Setup




View on amazon SAMSUNG 960 PRO 1TB




View on amazon INTEL CORE I9-9900K





Liquid Cooling



View on amazon NZXT KRAKEN X62


G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB

View on amazon G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB


ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

View on amazon ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Power Supply



View on amazon SEASONIC FOCUS PLUS 850W






NZXT H510 Elite White

NZXT H510 Elite White

View on amazon NZXT H510 Elite White

Streaming PC Setup




View on amazon SHURE SM7B




View on amazon LOGITECH BRIO

Gaming Setup Cost

Brand Price
SAMSUNG 960 PRO 1TB $119.99
INTEL CORE I9-9900K $598.00
NZXT KRAKEN X62 $92.99
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB $149.99
ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $3,786.00
SHURE SM7B $399.00
NZXT H510 Elite White $159.99
ALIENWARE AW2518H $538.16
ASTRO A40 $249.99
Total PC Cost $6,871.44

Nickmercs PC Specs Details

Nickmercs Gaming Gear Details

Monitor: ALIENWARE AW2518H

Alienware’ S new 25-inch gaming monitor packs premium gaming performance features into a captivating display. Featuring iconic Alienware design, custom AlienFX lighting, 240Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time, and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology with Ultra low motion blur technology for smooth responsive gameplay.

Headset: ASTRO A40

The ASTRO A40 gaming headphones are meticulously tuned for gaming, delivering professional-grade audio quality when gamers need it most. Whether you’re streaming from your living room or competing in a high-stakes tournament, the ASTRO Audio V2 ensures an immersive and precise audio experience. It captures every detail, from the subtlest in-game sounds to the dynamic intensity of live gameplay, providing gamers with a competitive edge and an immersive gaming atmosphere.

Designed for marathon gaming sessions, the A40 headphones prioritize comfort and durability. They are lightweight and constructed to withstand extended use, ensuring that gamers can stay focused on their gameplay without discomfort. Additionally, these headphones are mod-kit ready, allowing users to transform them into closed-back, noise-isolating headsets for use in noisy environments or professional tournaments (Mod Kit sold separately).

The A40 gaming headset offers cross-platform compatibility, making it suitable for gaming on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. It includes a splitter for PC voice communication, enhancing its versatility. ASTRO also provides swappable boom microphones that are highly sensitive and unidirectional, allowing gamers to minimize background noise and focus on clear communication. Furthermore, the headphones offer customizability with interchangeable speaker tags, enabling users to express their individuality, promote sponsors, or match the headset’s appearance to their mood and style. The ASTRO A40 headphones are a top choice for gamers seeking exceptional audio quality, comfort, and customization options.

Gaming PC Setup Details


Introducing the SAMSUNG 960 PRO 1TB: This high-performance SSD takes storage to the next level. With a generous 1TB capacity, it offers ample space for all your data needs.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SAMSUNG 960 PRO delivers blazing-fast speeds and reliable storage. Whether you’re a gamer, creative professional, or simply seeking top-tier performance, this SSD is designed to meet your demands.

Upgrade your storage experience with the SAMSUNG 960 PRO 1TB and enjoy lightning-fast data access and ample space for your files, all in one compact and powerful package.


  • Specifications Mfr Part Number: BX80684I99900K
  • Model: Intel Core i9-9900K Processor Core
  • Name: Coffee Lake
  • Core Count: 8
  • Thread Count: 16
  • Clock Speed: 3. 6 GHz
  • Max Turbo Frequency: 5. 0 GHz
  • Smart Cache: 16 MB DMI3: 8. 0 GT/s
  • Lithography: 14nm Socket: LGA 1151
  • Max Thermal Design Power: 95W
  • Memory Type: DDR4-2666 Processor
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Graphics Base Frequency: 350 MHz Graphics
  • Max Dynamic Frequency: 1. 20 GHz
  • Max CPU Configuration: 1
  • Advanced Technologies: Intel Optane Memory Supported Intel Turbo Boost 2. 0 Technology Intel vPro Platform Eligibility Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (VT-d) Intel TSX-NI Intel 64 Instruction Set 64-bit Instruction Set Extensions – Intel SSE4. 1, Intel SSE4. 2, Intel AVX2 Idle States Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology Thermal Monitoring Technologies Intel Identity Protection Technology Intel Stable Image Platform Program (SIPP) Intel AES New Instructions Secure Key Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) Intel Memory Protection Extensions (Intel MPX) Intel OS Guard Intel Trusted Execution Technology Execute Disable Bit Intel Boot Guard


Liquid Cooling: NZXT KRAKEN X62

The NZXT Kraken X62 is a high-performance liquid CPU cooler that not only excels at temperature control but also adds a touch of personalization and style to your PC build. One of its standout features is the 1.54″ square LCD display, which boasts a crisp 240×240 resolution, a smooth 30 Hz refresh rate, and a bright 300 cd/m² backlight. This display allows you to personalize your PC by showcasing a favorite image, monitoring real-time PC performance metrics, integrating web content, and more, all through the user-friendly NZXT CAM software.

Under the hood, the Kraken X62 features a powerful Asetek pump that operates at speeds of up to 2,800 RPM. This ensures efficient and quiet coolant circulation, which is essential for maintaining low CPU temperatures during demanding tasks such as gaming or content creation. The cooler is further enhanced by its static pressure fans with fluid dynamic bearings, providing an optimal balance of high static pressure and airflow. This results in powerful cooling while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Installation of the NZXT Kraken X62 is straightforward, thanks to its single breakout cable that connects the pump to the motherboard. This simplicity makes it easier for users to set up the liquid cooler without the hassle of multiple cables and connectors, ensuring a smoother installation process overall. The Kraken X62 is not only an efficient cooling solution but also a customizable and visually appealing addition to any PC setup.

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB

The Trident Z RGB Series from G.SKILL is a top-tier DDR4 memory kit designed for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts looking to enhance their system’s performance and aesthetics. This specific kit is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including AMD Ryzen 3000 and X570 Series, as well as Intel Z390 and newer chipsets. It offers a total capacity of 32GB, comprising two 16GB modules, providing ample memory for multitasking, gaming, and resource-intensive applications.

With a clock speed of 3600MHz and a CAS latency of 18 (18-22-22-42) at a low voltage of 1.35V (Intel XMP), this memory kit delivers high-speed performance while maintaining excellent stability. The XMP 2.0 profile support ensures that you can easily achieve the rated overclock speed with a compatible motherboard, allowing you to experience smoother gaming and faster application loading times.

One of the standout features of the Trident Z RGB Series is its vibrant RGB lighting, which adds a stunning visual element to your PC build. You can customize the RGB lighting effects to match your system’s aesthetics and create an eye-catching light show. G.SKILL is renowned for its high-quality memory modules, and this Trident Z RGB kit is no exception, offering both performance and aesthetics to elevate your PC experience to the next level.

GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

Elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level of excellence with the ASUS DUAL RTX2080TI O11G graphics card. Powered by NVIDIA’s cutting-edge Turing GPU architecture, this card delivers a silent yet powerful gaming performance that will leave you in awe. What sets it apart is the innovative cooling solution – 0dB dust-resistant fans. These fans not only provide a substantial 50% increase in cooling efficiency but also operate so silently that you’ll hardly notice they’re there, ensuring that your gaming sessions remain uninterrupted by distracting noise.

Overclocking and monitoring your graphics card has never been easier, thanks to ASUS’ GPU Tweak II software. With a user-friendly interface, you can fine-tune your card’s performance to meet your exact gaming needs and preferences. Whether you’re pushing the limits of your hardware or just want to ensure optimal performance, this software empowers you to take control of your gaming rig like a pro. Say goodbye to noisy fans and hello to the future of silent, powerful, and efficient gaming with the ASUS DUAL RTX2080TI O11G.



Load up with more cores for more performance with the ROG Maximus XI Hero Wi Fi, ready for 9th generation Intel Core processors. The revamped ASUS 5 Way Optimization overclocks intelligently based on smart prediction and thermal telemetry while FanXpert 4 delivers dynamic system cooling. Aura Sync with addressable headers features full RGB customization. Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0. Operating System – Windows 10 64-bit

Case/Tower: NZXT H510 Elite White

Streaming PC Setup Details


The Shure SM7B is a versatile and trusted microphone used by some of the world’s leading vocalists, podcasters, and streamers for a variety of applications. Whether you’re into studio recording, home recording, podcasting, or streaming content, this microphone is designed to excel in all these scenarios. Its dynamic cartridge with a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response ensures exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech.

For podcasters and broadcasters, the SM7B is a top choice. It features an air suspension shock isolation and pop filter that effectively eliminates mechanical noise and breathiness, ensuring clear and professional-sounding recordings. When it comes to streaming content, having a microphone that captures clean and natural audio is essential, and the SM7B has a long history of delivering on this front.

The microphone utilizes a professional XLR connection, which, when paired with an audio interface, provides more control over your sound, resulting in better overall sound quality. The SM7B features a classic cardioid pattern designed to reject off-axis audio, allowing you to sing or speak comfortably at various angles while capturing sound with minimal coloration. Additionally, advanced electromagnetic shielding has been added to prevent interference and hum from computer monitors and other studio equipment, ensuring pristine audio recordings. With its reputation for quality and versatility, the Shure SM7B is a go-to choice for content creators and professionals in the audio industry.


The Logitech Brio webcam bundle is a comprehensive package that equips you with everything you need to enhance your web streaming and video conferencing experiences. This bundle includes the Brio Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam, an adjustable tripod with a height range of 5.5″ to 7.5″, a microfiber cleaning cloth from Y&R Bundles, and a convenient travel pouch. With these accessories, you can set up your webcam with ease and keep it clean and protected when not in use.

The standout feature of the Logitech Brio webcam is its impressive multi-resolution capabilities. It offers a professional video experience with 4K Ultra HD resolution at 30 frames per second, as well as options for HD 1080p at 30 or 60 fps and HD 720p at 30, 60, or an ultra-smooth 90 fps. This range of resolutions ensures exceptional clarity, detail, and video smoothness, making it suitable for a wide variety of streaming and video conferencing scenarios.

The webcam also boasts an adjustable field of view, allowing you to customize your shot. You can choose from preset field of view options of 90, 78, or 65 degrees using Logi Tune. Additionally, the Logitech Brio supports 5x HD zoom for precise picture customization and quality. Its built-in noise-canceling stereo microphone has a range of up to 4 feet, ensuring crisp sound quality for your audio. The webcam is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 8 or later, MacOS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS. Plus, it comes with an attachable privacy shutter for added security and a better user experience. With auto light adjustment using Logitech RightLight 3 and HDR technology, the Brio webcam ensures that you always look your best, even in challenging lighting conditions. This bundle is a versatile and valuable addition to your streaming and conferencing setup, offering professional-grade features for superior video and audio quality.


Early Life

Nick started off making Outlast videos. He had done stream highlights of it (some of them deleted by Nick) and then had done Call of Duty content on the console. He had made different types of Call of Duty games featuring, Ghosts, Modern Warfare Remastered, and finally did WWII. He occasionally played Uno and Monopoly online as well. He then moved to Destiny while playing WWII before Fortnite’s release. He had struggled to get more exposure online in the gaming community until he made the World Record of the most squad kills in Fortnite. He started playing Fortnite every day since its release. Nick was a member of 100 Thieves since 2016 before leaving on May 24, 2019. Six days later, Nick became a member of FaZe.


Nick Kolcheff better known online as NICKMERCS, is an American Bodybuilder and eSports YouTuber well-known for his Fortnite gameplay as a console player.

He then moved to Destiny while playing WWII before Fortnite’s release. He had struggled to get more exposure online in the gaming community until he made the World Record of the most squad kills in Fortnite. He started playing Fortnite every day since its release. Nick was a member of 100 Thieves since 2016 before leaving on May 24, 2019. Six days later, Nick became a member of FaZe.

Fortnite’s second tournament Fall Skirmish occurred and was duo mode only. Nick and Aydan decided to become duo partners to attempt to play aggressively against other duo teams. They were successfully able to pop off and in 2 games, they both had 10 eliminations combined. They both also impressed the live viewers in almost the entire Fall Skirmish finals. Unfortunately, they did not win a game.

As of today, NICKMERCS is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $652,000 as of August 2020.

Nick Kolcheff better known online as NICKMERCS, is an American Bodybuilder and eSports YouTuber well-known for his Fortnite gameplay as a console player. He is 29 years old and was born on November 21, 1990.

Awards and Achievements

Nickmercs is presently ranked #822 in highest overall earnings, and #163 in highest earnings for players from the United States.

Out of the 26 tournaments awarding cash prizes that Nickmercs had competed in, the largest amount was $40,000.00 from Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series – Week 2 NA on July 20, 2018. His 3rd place finish makes up 24.45% of his total prize money won.

Nickmercs obtained $100,000 in total prize money earned on October 28, 2018, with a $26,250.00 cash prize from his 9th place finish at Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series – Week 6 – Grand Finals. Prize money from 12 tournaments got him to that point.

Nickmercs has won $19,116.67 in prize money from 5 tournaments within the last 90 days, $17,616.67 (or 92.15%) of which came in the last month.

Nick had been very well-known for making a Fortnite World Record of the most squad kills in a game. He and his team had 54 kills and 55 kills, however, according to the viewers, the 54 kills didn’t count because they did not win the game, though they did win the game with 55 kills shortly after. The record was beaten by politics, MannyinCali, TozSlays, and JuicyMutt with 59 kills total.

Nick also holds the world record for the most kills from a duo, meaning him and a partner. They both had 23 which sums to 46, which was held the same month he had the Squad record. Nick has also competed in Fortnite tournaments containing Friday Fortnite, which is run by Keemstar of DramaAlert and has joined Fortnite Summer Skirmish. Nick is currently a member of FaZe and a former member of 100 Thieves (100T).

Subscribers Milestones

100,000 SubscribersJuly 11, 2017
200,000 SubscribersFebruary 13, 2018
300,000 SubscribersMay 1, 2018
400,000 SubscribersJune 11, 2018.
500,000 SubscribersJuly 5, 2018.
600,000 SubscribersJuly 24, 2018
700,000 SubscribersAugust 13, 2018.
800,000 SubscribersAugust 30, 2018
900,000 SubscribersSeptember 9, 2018
1,000,000 SubscribersSeptember 16, 2018
1,100,000 SubscribersOctober 1, 2018
1,200,000 SubscribersOctober 15, 2018
1,300,000 SubscribersOctober 27, 2018
1,400,000 SubscribersNovember 30, 2018
1,500,000 SubscribersJanuary 1, 2019
1,600,000 SubscribersJanuary 30, 2019
1,700,000 SubscribersApril 12, 2019
1,800,000 SubscribersJune 2, 2019
1,900,000 SubscribersAugust 1, 2019.
2,000,000 SubscribersMarch 11, 2020
2,100,000 SubscribersMay 20, 2020
2,200,000 SubscribersJuly 3, 2020
2,300,000 SubscribersJuly 14, 2020
2,400,000 SubscribersJuly 25, 2020

Video View Milestones

10 Million Video ViewsJanuary 12, 2018
20 Million Video ViewsMarch 28, 2018
30 Million Video ViewsJune 9, 2018
40 Million Video ViewsAugust 13, 2018
50 Million Video ViewsSeptember 6, 2018
60 Million Video ViewsSeptember 22, 2018
70 Million Video ViewsOctober 14, 2018
80 Million Video ViewsNovember 24, 2018
90 Million Video ViewsDecember 10, 2018
100 Million Video ViewsJanuary 9, 2019
200 Million Video ViewsNovember 1, 2019


Both NICKMERCS and Aydan were qualified for Fortnite’s first tournament, the Summer Skirmish. The 2 facing off were the most talked about due to both the players being on Controller. Aydan once claimed he only had 100 viewers on average before his success from the Summer Skirmish, and now tops off 10,000 viewers on average. During the mid-games and end-games of the tournament, Aydan loves to play aggressively in the game.

Encounter #1

The first encounter did not last long. Nick was inside a building (which people call ‘Trump Tower’) at a location named Tilted Towers. Aydan was shooting at Nick from the window outside of the tower and quickly killed Nick. After the kill, Aydan decided to dance on Nick to impress the viewers.

Encounter #2

The second encounter took along. The 2 have encountered each other multiple times but have yet to kill each other yet. Nick and Aydan were inside a hotel in Tilted Towers, and Nick was standing still to hear Aydan. They both counter each other, Nick taking away half of Aydan’s health, but building away while Nick was shooting.

But just shortly after, they both go up a few floors to catch up, with Aydan getting a shotgun shot at Nick. Nick runs outside and hits Aydan with a shotgun shot. Aydan was 2 health remaining but luckily had healed from the chest. Nick remained at 76 health. Nick disengages to find heals for himself.

They both find each other at “Trump Tower” inside Tilted Towers. Aydan decided to push Nick inside. And the health advantage Aydan had saved him against Nickmercs, eliminating him. Aydan was down to 20 health but managed to survive the second encounter between each other.

Encounter #3

The third encounter started at the newly constructed area of Tilted Towers. Nick and Aydan did not hit each other yet but then engages again in “Trump Tower”. Aydan does get hit 2 times by a third party but did not take much effect. Nick surprised attack Aydan alongside Aydan fighting back, but Nick quickly disengages. Aydan then threw a stinkbomb to lower Nick’s health.

20 seconds later, Nick gets a shotgun shot towards Aydan, but Aydan throws a second stink bomb. Aydan does come across a third-party Misfits Jiren, but Aydan quickly eliminates him.

Inside the same area of “Trump Tower”, they both engage again with Aydan throwing his last stink bomb at Nick, though Aydan does tag himself a few times. And 1 floor below their impact area, Nick and Aydan fight it out. Nick accidentally switches to his heals, and Aydan takes the game again. To impress the viewers, Aydan uses the ‘Slow Clap’ emote right after killing Nick.

Encounter #4

The fourth encounter was also short. They both were in “Trump Tower” yet again. Aydan places a trap to prevent Nick from following him but moved to another path. Nick does hit Aydan with a shotgun. Aydan then throws a C4 remote explosive, successfully hitting Nick, and finishes Nick with the Submachine Gun as Nick was looking to push Aydan.

Fall Skirmish – Duo Partners

Fortnite’s second tournament Fall Skirmish occurred and was duo mode only. Nick and Aydan decided to become duo partners to attempt to play aggressively against other duo teams. They were successfully able to pop off and in 2 games, they both had 10 eliminations combined. They both also impressed the live viewers in almost the entire Fall Skirmish finals. Unfortunately, they did not win a game.

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