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Kevin “Dispenser” Te is a Filipino player who currently plays for Team Secret. He is a retired professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is most known for his time in Mineski.

Player Info

Name Kevin Te
Player Earnings $24,991
Country Philippines
Date of birth September 4, 1994 (age 28)
Status Active
Career Duration 2020 - Present
Team Team Secret 

dispenser Gaming Gear


BENQ XL2546k

BENQ XL2546k

View on amazon BENQ XL2546k

Gaming PC Setup




View on amazon AMD RYZEN 5600X


G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB

G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB

View on amazon G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB


ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

View on amazon ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

Streaming PC Setup




View on amazon BLUE COMPASS


Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti

View on amazon Blue Yeti

Gaming Setup Cost

Brand Price
AMD RYZEN 5600X $228.99
G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB $118.99
ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 $800.00
Blue Yeti $99.74
BENQ XL2546k $499.00
Total PC Cost $1,836.67

dispenser PC Specs Details

dispenser Gaming Gear Details

Monitor: BENQ XL2546k

Experience the epitome of speed and precision with this gaming monitor. Its lightning-fast 240 Hz high refresh rate performance guarantees an ultra-smooth PC gaming experience, eliminating annoying stutters and ensuring every frame is delivered with utmost clarity. What’s more, it’s not limited to just PC gaming – it’s also 120Hz compatible for the latest consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X, allowing console gamers to enjoy the benefits of high refresh rates and responsive gameplay.

Thanks to Dynamic Accuracy Plus technology, even the most frantic in-game actions, like rapid spraying, remain crystal clear. Say goodbye to motion blur and hello to pinpoint accuracy, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced games. This monitor is not just about performance; it’s also designed to optimize your gaming space. With its redesigned base that takes up less room, you’ll have more space in your setup for those crucial in-game movements. Moreover, it offers increased height adjustment and a free tilt design, ensuring that you can tailor it to your exact preferences. Plus, sharing your settings with others is a breeze using XL Setting to Share, and you can customize your quick access menu for ultimate convenience. Elevate your gaming experience with this feature-packed monitor that’s designed for both speed and flexibility.

Gaming PC Setup Details


RAM: G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB

The Trident Z RGB Series RAM kit is designed for high-performance computing and gaming enthusiasts, compatible with AMD Ryzen 2 processors and Intel Z270 or newer chipsets. This kit includes 32GB of memory, consisting of 2 x 16GB modules, which is ideal for memory-intensive tasks, gaming, and multitasking. The DDR4-3200 memory speed, 288-pin design, and CAS Latency CL16 (16-18-18-38) ensure fast and responsive performance.

Manufactured by G.Skill as part of their Trident Z RGB series, these modules are known for their reliability and performance. They support XMP 2.0 profiles, allowing you to easily reach the rated overclock speed, or you can run them at the default JEDEC profile speed. Keep in mind that the rated XMP frequency and stability can vary depending on your motherboard and CPU capabilities.

It’s crucial to note that memory kits are sold as matched sets, and it’s recommended not to mix different memory kits to ensure optimal performance. Before purchasing, you can check G.Skill’s Qualified Vendor List (QVL) or RAM Configurator on their website for validated motherboards that are compatible with this memory kit. Whether you’re building a gaming rig or a high-performance workstation, the Trident Z RGB Series RAM kit provides the memory capacity and speed needed to handle demanding tasks.

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

The featured graphics card offers powerful performance with a 1683 MHz boost clock, 8GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus, and 2432 CUDA cores, all driven by NVIDIA Pascal architecture. This combination of high clock speeds and CUDA cores provides excellent gaming and graphics rendering capabilities, making it ideal for gamers and content creators alike. Whether you’re playing the latest games or working on graphic-intensive tasks, this graphics card can handle it with ease.

What sets this graphics card apart is its manufacturing quality. It utilizes Auto-Extreme manufacturing technology, which is known for delivering premium quality and reliability. The card is built with aerospace-grade Super Alloy Power II components, ensuring long-term durability and stable performance. This robust construction contributes to the card’s overall reliability, making it a dependable choice for demanding applications.

GPU Tweak II software is included with the graphics card, providing users with an intuitive interface for monitoring and fine-tuning their GPU’s performance. With just one click, you can push the clock speed performance up to 1683 MHz, making it easier than ever to optimize your graphics card for the best performance possible. Additionally, the card features a customizable backlit logo plate, allowing users to add a personalized touch to their system’s aesthetics. Whether you want a unique look or top-tier gaming performance, this graphics card delivers on both fronts.

Streaming PC Setup Details


Meet Compass, the premium tube-style desktop boom arm designed for broadcast applications such as game streaming, podcasting, voice-overs, and more. This sleek and sophisticated boom arm not only enhances the aesthetics of your setup but also provides exceptional functionality. It comes with internal springs for smooth and quiet operation, ensuring your microphone stays in place while you focus on your content.

Compass is a versatile choice, accommodating microphones weighing up to 2.4 pounds, including popular models like the Blue Yeti and Blackout Spark SL. Its built-in cable management further adds to the tidy and professional look of your workspace, keeping cables out of sight and organized. Whether you’re a content creator or a broadcaster, Compass is the perfect addition to elevate your audio recording experience.

Mic: Blue Yeti

Elevate your streaming and recording setup with the Blue Microphones Yeti Microphone bundle in the sleek Blackout edition. This comprehensive bundle includes everything you need for high-quality audio capture. The Yeti Microphone itself is renowned for its exceptional sound quality and versatile performance. It comes with a Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm featuring 5/8-27 threading, a shock mount to reduce vibrations, and a pop filter to eliminate plosive sounds during recordings. With this bundle, you’ll have all the tools to ensure professional-grade audio for your broadcasts and recordings.

Designed with streamers and content creators in mind, the Yeti Microphone’s built-in metal stand provides easy control and adjustability. You can position the microphone precisely where you need it to capture your voice with clarity. The no-latency headphone port allows you to plug in your headphones and adjust the volume in real time, ensuring that you can hear your voice as your audience does.

The Yeti mic offers flexibility with two pickup-pattern modes. The Cardioid mode is perfect for solo content creators, podcasters, gamers, and vocal performances, providing focused audio capture from a single source. On the other hand, the Omnidirectional mode is ideal for group settings, such as conference calls or multi-person interviews, where it captures audio from all directions in the room. Whether you’re a solo streamer or collaborating with others, this Blue Yeti bundle equips you with the tools to capture your voice with precision and clarity, making your content shine.


Kevin “Dispenser” Te is a Filipino player who currently plays for Team Secret. He is a retired professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is most known for his time in Mineski. He joins Team Secret in 2021. Dispenser Approx. Total Winnings is about $23,343.

Awards and Achievements

2022-05-291stB-TierVCT 2022: Philippines Stage 2 Challengers 3 : 1$10,500
2021-12-085 – 8thS-TierVALORANT Champions 2021 0 : 2$40,000
2021-08-221stA-TierVCT 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs 3 : 0$25,000
2021-07-111stC-TierVCT 2021: Philippines Stage 3 Challengers 1 3 : 1$2,000
2021-06-271stC-TierVALO2ASIA Launch Invitational 2021 2 : 1$2,000
2021-04-181stC-TierVCT 2021: Philippines Stage 2 Challengers 2 3 : 0$2,067
2021-02-211stC-TierVCT 2021: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers 2 3 : 1$2,476
2020-12-131stC-TierPVP Esports Final 2020 2 : 0$2,096
2020-12-061stB-TierMineski VxV 3 : 0$2,500
2020-10-251stC-TierKDR Tournament 2 : 0$1,238
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