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Dom “soulcas” Sulcas is a British player who currently plays for Team Liquid. He is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.

Player Info

Name Dom Sulcas
Player Earnings $85,375
Date of birth January 2, 2000 (age 23)
Status Active
Team Team Liquid

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Dom “soulcas” Sulcas is a British player who currently plays for Team Liquid.


Soulcas joined Team Liquid on 7th August 2020 from fish123. His main agents are Reyna, Raze and Kayo. His first major showing for Team Liquid was the Red Bull Home Ground Major Finals against G2 Esports. Liquid lost the BO5 3-2, losing on Split, Bind and Ascent.

Soulcas played Raze, Skye and Sova in the series and had positive K/D with an ACS of 217. He had 14 entry frags second to Scream and an impressive ADR of 128. He shined on Icebox with Raze topping a total of 29 kills and 160 damage each round.

The second Grand Final soulcas played was in the Champions Tour Stage 2: EMEA Challengers Playoffs against Fnatic. It was a close series and Liquid grabbed the result in the BO5 with a 3-2 victory over Fnatic. Soulcas played Skye, Viper and Sova in the series and had an ACS of 148 and helped his team with tons of information and utility plays. He had a quiet game in terms of stats and had an ADR of 98.

The first VCT organized final for soulcas was the Champions Tour EMEA: Last Chance Qualifier winning 3-1 against Guild Esports and breezing past any competition. Soulcas played Skye, Sova and Raze with an ACS of 213 and a whopping tally of 61 kills. He had great ADR of 150 and a +6 K/D. He has since adapted to different roles and helps his team with filling any requirement during draft phase.

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