stable ronaldo pc specs

Stable Ronaldo

Player Info

Name Rani Netz
Country United States
Date of birth 14 January 2003
Status Active

PC Specs

Gaming Setup Cost

Brand Price
ROG Strix Helios $299.99
RODE PSA1 $99.99
INTEL CORE I9-9900K $598.00
G.Skill TridentZ Royal RGB 16GB $118.99
NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 $1,099.99
ACER XF250Q $294.10
LOGITECH G430 $129.99
ASUS PRIME Z390-E $519.99
ZOWIE G-SR $34.99
LOGITECH C922 $79.99
Samsung 970 EVO 500GB $67.49
Total PC Cost $4,822.45


Stable Ronaldo is a professional Fortnite player, and also a relevant streamer on the platform Twitch. Ronaldo was born on 14 January 2003 in America. He goes by the online moniker ‘Stable Ronaldo’ on all his socials. Ronaldo started his online career as a Fortnite streamer, soon his content gained popularity on the platform and he gathered many viewers. He is most known for his Fortnite gameplay and entertaining videos on his Youtube channel.


Ronaldo became a big name in the community after winning the FNCS trios in 2019. He was signed by BuiltByGamers and started competing with their roster. Ronaldo has since joined NRG Esports and switched his focus more to streaming and making content. Currently, his Youtube channel boasts over a million subscribers and his Twitch has over 2.3 million followers. Stable Ronaldo is also delving into variety streaming trying out different games and sometimes just interacting with his audience. He is seen hosting watch parties with other popular streamers like Clix and reacting to TikToks.

Ronaldo has been a controversial figure in the gaming community, often due to his outspoken and upfront personality. He has been banned by Epic Games on multiple occasions some of which include inappropriate gamer-tags and other acts of notoriety. The young Fortnite prodigy has also faced bans on Twitch due to various suspected reasons. His most recent ban came in December of 2021 when his account was imposed with a 24 hour ban. Twitch never disclosed the specific reason for this ban however it was most likely caused due to inexplicit content shown by Ronaldo on his stream. 

The VOD which was later featured on Youtube shows Ronaldo playing a clip sent to him by his fellow friend and streamer Clix. The clip featured sexually inexplicit content which was hastily closed by Ronaldo. Before his Twitch ban Ronaldo also made stirs on the internet claiming to sue Epic Games for stalking his account activity. He also made bold claims that Epic monitored his account with regulations much more strict than for normal users.

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