Apex Legends Pro ImperialHal Advocates for Heftier Consequences in Ranked System

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, a prominent figure within the competitive Apex Legends scene, has welcomed the changes to the game’s Ranked system in Season 18, considering them a promising stride forward. However, he isn’t one to rest on laurels and has a few suggestions of his own to further refine the experience – particularly to align it more closely with the competitive ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) matches.

Since the advent of Season 2, those seeking to truly measure their prowess against the apex predators of Apex Legends have turned to the Ranked leaderboards. Yet, this path has often been marred by challenges and player feedback, urging Respawn Entertainment to continually refine the Ranked experience. Initially, concerns revolved around top-tier players monopolizing the Apex Predator rank and subsequently not engaging in further gameplay. Subsequently, the focus shifted to matchmaking discrepancies, where players across varying ranks found themselves in mismatched matches.

ImperialHal Advocates for Heftier Consequences in Ranked System

In Season 18, Respawn Entertainment introduced an array of alterations building upon the foundation laid in Season 17. These modifications encompassed the enhancement of elimination bonuses, calibrated LP (Legend Points) gains to ensure balanced rank distribution, and tweaks to the timing of the encroaching ring.

ImperialHal, however, champions the idea of introducing more substantial consequences within the Apex Legends Ranked gameplay. While commending the recent changes as a “good step forward,” he advocates for a system that carries weighty repercussions for early deaths in matches. Disputing the notion of expanding the number of Points of Interest (POIs) on maps to deter “hot drops” in Ranked, he accentuates the importance of instilling a sense of accountability akin to ALGS tournaments.

ImperialHal elaborates, “Consider the consequences of an early demise in ALGS – the forfeiture of earnings, missed opportunities, and more. This underpins the high survival rates in competitive tournaments. While Ranked need not precisely mirror these consequences, it can certainly incorporate its own version, such as heightened LP loss or extended queue times, reminiscent of Season 13.”

Addressing skepticism surrounding the idea of sterner penalties for early deaths or “hot drops,” ImperialHal contends that individuals embracing such an approach would naturally gravitate towards similar ranks. He elucidates, “This dynamic will inevitably funnel like-minded players into corresponding lobbies, both in lower and higher echelons. The objective lies in ensuring each player finds their rightful place based on the implications of their actions.”

As Season 18 unfolds, potential challenges may emerge in the course of its evolution. ImperialHal’s proposition sparks an intriguing dialogue, warranting further observation as the Apex Legends community navigates this ever-evolving landscape.

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