Best Daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3: Daggers, though not the most prevalent weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, have their unique charm. Often overlooked due to their modest damage output, these light finesse weapons hold untapped potential.

Best Daggers in Baldur's Gate 3
Best Daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3

In a world of battles and strategies, certain daggers can prove to be pivotal, turning the tide in favor of their wielders. Join us as we delve into the intriguing realm of daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3, uncovering their hidden strengths and extraordinary abilities.

Best Daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3, Ranked

While not the most prolific or powerful weapons, daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3 possess a unique finesse and versatility that, when wielded skillfully, can alter the course of battles and provide unexpected advantages. In this exploration, we delve into the world of daggers, uncovering their hidden potential and shedding light on the underrated champions of the blade.

1. Blade Of The First Blood

Blade Of The First Blood
Blade Of The First Blood

Topping our list is the legendary Blade Of The First Blood. Its unmatched prestige is mirrored in its exceptional qualities. Boasting a +2 weapon enhancement, increased armor class by +1, and an easier critical hit requirement, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, wielders gain access to the “True Strike” divination cantrip, offering advantage on the next attack roll. When wielded in the main hand, enemies become vulnerable to piercing damage.

In the offhand, it provides “True Strike Riposte,” enabling retaliation upon evasion. A legendary dagger with an aura of mystique, the Blade Of The First Blood’s location is a testament to its revered status.

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2. The Stillmaker

The Stillmaker
The Stillmaker

The Stillmaker, a Very Rare find, caters to those seeking battlefield control. Enhanced with a +2 weapon enhancement, it wields the potent “Hold Person” ability—a second-level spell immobilizing humanoid foes.

Attacking a paralyzed target within three meters guarantees a critical hit. A hidden gem, the Stillmaker resides beneath the Open Hand Temple in Rivington, awaiting discovery.

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3. Rhapsody


The Rhapsody dagger, a museum piece in design, offers unique combat possibilities. Boasting a +1 weapon enhancement and bonus to Attack Rolls, damage, and Spell Save DC for each foe slain (up to +3), it becomes deadlier with each victory.

Moreover, it can inflict Bleeding on hidden or invisible enemies. Found within “The Pale Elf” quest in Cazador’s Dungeon, this dagger marries aesthetics with potential.

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4. Sussur Dagger

Sussur Dagger
Sussur Dagger

The Sussur Dagger presents an enigma with its +1 weapon enhancement and “Silence” ability. Despite its potential, this dagger’s efficacy fluctuates unpredictably. While the description promises silence upon impact or when wielded in the off-hand, this is not consistently realized.

Acquired after the Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest in the Blighted Village, the Sussur Dagger intrigues with its mystery.

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5. Assassin’s Touch

Assassin’s Touch
Assassin’s Touch

The Assassin’s Touch, an uncommon dagger, offers subtle potency to imaginative players. In standard use, it inflicts 1d4 damage. Yet, its true power emerges when facing incapacitated foes, dealing an additional 1d4 necrotic damage.

Acquired through the completion of the Save The Goblin Sazza quest in the Shattered Sanctum, this dagger rewards resourceful adventurers.

6. Worgfang


The Worgfang, while not inherently lackluster, has limited utility. Its unique ability, “Goblin’s Undoing,” forces goblins to roll at a disadvantage when attacking the wielder.

However, its effectiveness hinges on the frequency of goblin encounters. Found near a skeleton accompanied by two worgs in the Worg Pens, the Worgfang’s potential is situationally significant.

7. Ritual Dagger

Ritual Dagger
Ritual Dagger

One of the more modest options among daggers is the Ritual Dagger. Sporting a standard damage of 1d4, its unassuming nature belies a valuable advantage.

After successfully striking with the Ritual Dagger, the wielder gains a +1d4 bonus to attack rolls and saving throws until the end of their turn.

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Found near Abdirak in the Shattered Sanctum, this dagger can prove its worth, but adventurers must claim it before clashing with goblins to ensure its retention.

Best daggers in Baldur’s Gate 3 hold more significance than meets the eye. These seemingly unassuming weapons can sway the course of battles and empower their wielders. From the subtle advantages of the Ritual Dagger to the legendary prowess of the Blade Of The First Blood, each dagger adds a unique layer of strategy and intrigue to the game.

FAQs on Dagger in Baldur’s Gate 3

Are daggers viable for all character classes?

While not every class can wield daggers proficiently, classes that prioritize finesse, agility, and precision can harness the full potential of these weapons.

Can legendary daggers be dual-wielded for maximum impact?

Absolutely! Dual-wielding legendary daggers like the Blade of the First Blood can create a formidable combination, enhancing your combat capabilities.

Are there any synergies between dagger abilities and spells?

Yes, certain dagger abilities, such as the Rhapsody’s Bleeding effect, can complement spellcasting strategies, enhancing your versatility in battle.

What’s the best way to unlock the potential of the Stillmaker?

To acquire the Stillmaker, embark on a quest to the Open Hand Temple in Rivington. Successfully pass a Perception Check near specific coordinates to claim this coveted dagger.

Can daggers be enchanted further to enhance their power?

Yes, skilled enchanters may be able to augment the abilities of daggers, further unlocking their hidden potential and granting unique advantages in combat.

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