Blizzard’s Hilarious Take on WWE Legend John Cena as “Enigma” in Overwatch 2

In a surprising turn of events, Overwatch 2’s developers at Blizzard have unleashed an amusing hero ability kit for none other than WWE legend John Cena, following the revelation of the cryptic hero “Enigma” in their highly anticipated game.

John Cena as "Enigma" in Overwatch 2

After weeks of speculation and fan-driven deciphering, Overwatch enthusiasts finally unveiled the mystery behind the new hero, who turned out to be the enigmatic John Cena himself. The revelation has sent waves of excitement among the gaming community, building up the hype for the forthcoming Overwatch 2’s Invasion update.

A video message featuring John Cena as Enigma was uploaded to Overwatch’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Enigma warns of an imminent “Invasion” and urges all heroes to stand together and defend the cities of Rio, Gothenburg, and Toronto against the nefarious forces of Null Sector. With the voice of Cena echoing determination, he calls for reinforcements, rallying the heroes, saying, “Together, we will fight for the future. Answer the call, heroes. It’s time to fight back. Prepare for the Invasion.”

The thrilling revelation of Enigma wasn’t the only surprise Overwatch had up its sleeve. In a light-hearted tweet, the team shared a playful, albeit fictional, ability kit for Cena’s Enigma.

The first ability, aptly named ‘Can’t See Me,’ pays homage to one of Cena’s iconic WWE catchphrases. It would allow Enigma to humorously wave his hand in front of his face and instantly become invisible to the enemy team. Even better, this “invisibility” would be permanent, allowing the character to utilize other abilities simultaneously.

The second ability, called ‘The Dance From That Clip,’ cleverly references Cena’s viral internet-famous dance moves. This ability would momentarily force enemies to stop their attacks, redirect their focus to Cena’s character, and appreciate the amusing reference with a chuckle.

Enigma’s Ultimate ability, appropriately titled ‘And His Name Is,’ brings a touch of humor to intense gameplay. It involves Cena loudly reminding everyone of his name and blasting his electrifying theme song at dangerously high volumes, thereby canceling the next enemy Ultimate.

Cena’s Passive ability, ‘Are you sure about that?,’ takes a playful jab at opponents’ confidence. Any enemy attempting to damage Enigma’s character would be met with a pop-up window questioning their decision, temporarily leaving them immobile until they confirm their intention.

It’s evident that the Overwatch 2 development team had an absolute blast creating this fictional hero kit, masterfully blending humor with clever references to Cena’s illustrious WWE career.

Thankfully, as entertaining as these abilities may be, fans need not worry about encountering this humorous rendition of Cena in the actual game. While the tease was a brilliant way to engage the community, players can rest assured that the actual hero design for Enigma will be a balanced addition to the Overwatch 2 universe.

Mark your calendars, as Overwatch 2: Invasion is all set to go live on Thursday, August 10, promising thrilling action, intense battles, and a host of incredible heroes to choose from.

A Playful Tribute to a WWE Icon

In a delightful twist, Overwatch 2’s latest hero, “Enigma,” has been revealed to be none other than WWE legend John Cena. The developers at Blizzard showcased their creativity and sense of humor by designing a fictional ability kit for Cena’s character, incorporating clever nods to his wrestling legacy. While the playful abilities won’t make it into the actual game, they have undoubtedly sparked excitement and anticipation for the Invasion update. Fans can’t wait to explore the world of Overwatch 2, team up with heroes like Enigma, and defend the cities against the impending invasion.

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