Breaking Free from FIFA Points Addiction: SAF Cal’s Journey to FUT Trading

Football enthusiasts worldwide have long embraced the excitement of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT), where the thrill of packing high-rated players can be exhilarating. However, for some, this excitement can escalate into an unhealthy obsession, driven by FIFA Points, leading to addictive behaviors. One such individual, known as “SAF Cal” or ‘sbc_tips’ on Twitter, has shared his remarkable journey from being a FIFA Points addict to becoming a FUT trader. His story sheds light on the often-overlooked problem of in-game purchase addiction and offers a unique perspective on how to break free from this addictive loop.


SAF Cal candidly shared his experiences on Twitter, recounting the all-too-familiar cycle of purchasing FIFA Points in hopes of landing top players. The addiction to the rush of chance and anticipation was a path he knew too well, mirroring the struggles of countless other gamers facing similar challenges.

However, SAF Cal’s transformation began when he took a closer look at the terms of service provided by EA, the developer behind FIFA. He came to a crucial realization that despite spending real money on FIFA Points, he never truly owned the virtual players, coins, or consumables obtained through these purchases. Instead, they were merely on loan from EA, which shifted his perspective on in-game buying.

The understanding that FIFA releases a new version each year, rendering previous achievements obsolete, was another factor that contributed to SAF Cal’s recovery. He recognized that the teams he meticulously built in previous versions of FIFA would lose relevance with the launch of a new game, making FIFA Points less appealing to him.

SAF Cal's Journey to FUT Trading

In his own words, SAF Cal explained, “That coupled with knowing the FIFA cycle is yearly and that no one cares about the previous game cycle and what team you built, made FIFA Points redundant for me.”

This newfound perspective prompted SAF Cal to adopt a different approach – FUT trading. By engaging in smart and strategic trading activities, he could still assemble impressive FIFA teams without resorting to substantial real-money spending. This transition marked a turning point in his journey, offering hope and inspiration to others battling similar addictions.

SAF Cal’s story resonated with fellow players who also struggled with FIFA Points addiction. His Twitter thread sparked intense discussions about the responsibility shared between players and EA in addressing this issue. While some gamers acknowledged the addictive nature of in-game purchases, opinions varied on how to mitigate these addictive behaviors.

As EA transitions to its new football game, EA FC 24, following the expiration of its contract with FIFA, questions arise regarding the future of in-game purchases and their potential for addiction. FUT mode is set to continue in the new game, further emphasizing the importance of addressing this issue.

SAF Cal’s journey serves as a reminder that in-game purchase addiction is a significant concern that deserves attention and understanding. By sharing his experiences and advocating for a more informed approach, he has shed light on a subject that often goes unnoticed in gaming circles.

In conclusion, SAF Cal’s transformation from a FIFA Points addict to a FUT trader offers a valuable lesson about overcoming addiction and embracing a healthier gaming experience. His story brings to the forefront the need for players and developers alike to prioritize responsible gaming practices and create an environment that promotes both enjoyment and well-being.

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