Disney Dreamlight Valley Introduces Premium Shop, Allowing Players to Buy Sets, Skins, and More with Moonstones

The latest update to Disney Dreamlight Valley has brought a treasure trove of new content for players to explore. From exciting characters to delectable recipes and enchanting Star Paths, there’s no shortage of things to do in this magical world. One of the most anticipated additions is the introduction of the premium Item Shop, akin to Scrooge McDuck’s store. However, in this enchanted realm, Moonstones are the coveted currency instead of Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Premium Shop

A Guide to Shopping in the Premium Item Shop For those eager to indulge in the wonders of the premium Item Shop, the process is straightforward and doesn’t require any special character interactions. Follow these simple steps to make your purchases:

  1. Head into the menu by pressing ‘esc’ or the respective button.
  2. Select the ‘Shop’ tab.
  3. Navigate to the Item Shop.
  4. Click on the item you wish to purchase.
  5. Select the moonstone cost located on the bottom right.
  6. Enjoy your brand-new items!

This Week’s Offerings in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Item Shop (July 26) The current lineup in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Item Shop is brimming with delightful choices, ranging from house skins to charming furniture sets. Here’s a glimpse of what’s available, along with their corresponding costs:

Purple CottagePurple Cottage house skin3,000 Moonstones
Villainous Vibe1 Wreck-It Jean Jacket & T-Shirt, 1 King of the Pride Mane, 1 Rose Eyepatch1,250 Moonstones
Field Day Ensemble1 Scarer Overalls, 1 Blown Military Jacket, 1 Toy Cowboy Watch1,200 Moonstones
Art Deco Poster Collection1 Art Deco Tiana Poster, 1 Art Deco Elsa Poster, 1 Art Deco Woody Poster1,200 Moonstones
Disney PalaceDisney Palace house skin3,750 Moonstones
Royal Deco Bedroom set1 Art Deco Princess Bed, 1 Art Deco Coffee Table, 1 Art Deco Princess Shade3,365 Moonstones
Royal Deco Living Room set1 Art Deco TV and Stand, 1 Art Deco Princess Armchair, 1 Princess Room Divider Shelf4,850 Moonstones
Art Deco Lifestyle set1 Art Deco Club Chair, 1 Art Deco Holo Bedside Table, 1 Elegant Potted Plant3,040 Moonstones

Mark Your Calendars for Refreshed Offerings Excitingly, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Item Shop refreshes every 7 days. This means that a new array of enchanting items will grace the store on August 2, 2023. Similar to Scrooge McDuck’s ever-changing store, players can expect a regularly updated selection of goodies to choose from.

Previous Premium Shop Offerings Though not guaranteed to be repeated, it’s always good to know what treasures appeared before. Here are some past offerings from the premium Shop:

Premium Shop (July 12)

Mike and Sulley’s Apartment1 Mike and Sulley’s Apartment house skin3,000 Moonstones
Minty Set1 Wintery Fancy Shirt and Bow, 1 Mickey Mouse Choco Mint Donut Headband1,200 Moonstones
Divider Shelf1 Princess Room Divider Shelf1,200 Moonstones
Kingdom of Corona Set1 Corona Spindle, 1 Corona Chair, 1 Corona Side Table, 1 Corona Pillar1,200 Moonstones

Premium Shop (July 5)

Purple Cottage1 Purple Cottage house skin3,000 Moonstones
Enchanted Ice FountainEnchanted Ice Fountain1,750 Moonstones
Whimsical Pink Companion Pack 11 Pink Whimsical Squirrel, 1 Pink Whimsical Crocodile, 1 Pink Whimsical Raven, 1 Pink Whimsical Raccoon2,000 Moonstones
Donut Duo1 Mickey Mouse Cocoa Donut Headband, 1 Mickey Mouse Strawberry Donut Headband1,000 Moonstones

March Premium Shop

Icy Wings1 Icy Wings1,750 Moonstones
Touch of Arendelle Kitchen1 Ancient Stove, 1 Painted Counter, 1 Painted Cabinet1,500 Moonstones
Touch of Arendelle Pantry1 Antique Furnace, 1 Decorative Plates, 1 Colorful Dish Cabinet1,200 Moonstones
Mickey Mouse Sweater Trio1 Pink Peeking Mickey Mouse Pocket Sweater, 1 White Peeking Mickey Mouse Pocket Sweater, 1 Yellow Peeking Mickey Mouse Pocket Sweater1,000 Moonstones

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