NAVI vs. G2 meme war on Twitter after Major’s match

  • Hilarious meme war between G2 Esports and Natus Vincere after their match legend stage match. Where G2 Esports lost to NAVI in the match at PGL Major 2022 in Legends Stage.
  • G2 posted a video where the NAVI logo stuck on the JACKz’s shoe.
  • G2 also posted a picture where the in-game leader was eating the NAVI’s logo banana.
  • NAVI responded with a series of tweets after this.

After an intense match between NAVI and G2 in Legend Stage at PGL Major Antwerp 2022, the two teams took to Twitter to engage in a hilarious meme war. It started with G2’s Twitter account posting a picture of Aleksi when he was eating a banana, but the banana was hidden by the NAVI logo with the caption “ATE AND LEFT NO CRUMBS #PGLMajor.” However, this was not enough to capture the intention of the Ukrainian CS:GO, team.

NAVI and G2 Meme War after Major's Match - G2's Aleski eating NAVI's banana?

The G2 continued by posting a short video featuring m0NESY and JACKZ. Both were normally walking, and suddenly JACKZ’s shoe was stuck into something. Both players stopped and looked, and it was NAVI’s logo on JACKZ’s shoe.

The European CS:GO team uploaded the video and captioned it, “RIP SHOE ᵃⁿᵈ ⁿᵃᵛᶦ.”

navi logo on g2s jackzs shoe - video meme uploaded by G2 esports

The video sparked a response from NAVI’s Twitter account and a series of ongoing memes exchange between both CS:GO teams, which posted a picture of G2’s players with the caption, “Don’t mess with the boys.”

Navi reply to G2's meme Don't mess with the boys

NAVI made fun of G2 replying to the G2’s video

Navi made fun of G2 replying to the G2's video

The Ukrainian team also tweeted“It’s just bad luck. G2 is better than NAVI. m0nesy is better than s1mple. We almost got it”

It's just bad luck. G2 is better than NAVI. m0nesy is better than s1mple. We almost got it"

And then, “Don’t forget why we call @perfectocsgo the clutch master,” also replying to G2 esports.

Don't forget why we call @perfectocsgo the clutch master

Quick update: NAVI also wins the second match of Legend stage in PGL Major 2022 against the German team BIG by 16 – 8 score.


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