Tekken 8 Closed Network Test (CNT) Sees Threat of Tournament Bans Due to Software Circumvention

Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test (CNT) has recently concluded, offering eager fans a glimpse into the highly anticipated fighting game. However, the excitement surrounding the CNT was marred by some resourceful individuals who managed to bypass the test’s timeout restrictions. Bandai Namco, the publisher behind Tekken 8, has promptly responded by warning of potential tournament bans for those caught using the unauthorized software.

Tekken 8

As of now, the official release date for Tekken 8 remains a mystery, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any opportunity to experience the latest installment in this iconic fighting franchise. The CNT provided players with a taste of what’s to come, and initial reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Some players even claimed that the game performed so well that it made its predecessor, Tekken 7, pale in comparison. However, not all feedback was glowing, as a few participants criticized the development team for connection issues. In a notable incident, one player was humbly put in their place by the game’s Director.

Despite the CNT being a PC-only preview, this platform choice allowed a select few to exploit the situation. Some clever individuals managed to extract and recreate a functioning version of Tekken 8 outside of Bandai Namco’s official network. The publisher took to their Esports Twitter profile to condemn this bootlegged version as illegal and promised to take action against any tournament players who attempted to gain a competitive edge through such means.

Bandai Namco expressed their concerns over the competitive integrity of Tekken 8, stating that unauthorized access to the CNT breached their terms of service and the Tekken World Tour code of conduct. As a consequence, any player found to have accessed the CNT without proper authorization may face disqualification from the upcoming Tekken World Tour and any other official tournaments.

Tekken8 sees threat of tournament Bans due to software Circumvention

This announcement garnered mixed reactions from fans who engaged with Bandai Namco’s statements. While some fans expressed dissatisfaction with the unfair advantage gained by those with early access, others felt that the actions of these individuals went against the spirit of the game, tarnishing its competitive nature.

This situation is not unique to Tekken 8; similar occurrences were seen during Street Fighter 6’s open beta, where unauthorized duplicates of the game were created by third-party sources. Capcom, the publisher of Street Fighter 6, reacted similarly, imposing bans on users who resorted to cracked beta versions in official tournaments.

As the release of Tekken 8 draws nearer, Bandai Namco and other game developers face the challenge of securing their pre-release content to preserve the integrity of competitive play. It remains crucial for players and fans to respect the terms and conditions set forth by publishers to ensure fair and enjoyable gaming experiences.

Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test provided fans with an exciting glimpse into the upcoming game. However, the positive experience was marred by unauthorized access to the CNT, prompting Bandai Namco to respond with a warning of potential tournament bans for those involved. Such actions highlight the importance of upholding competitive integrity in the gaming community.

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