Unveiling the Secrets of Pokemon Go Route Item Drops: A Dedicated Player’s Analysis

One enthusiastic Pokemon Go player has taken it upon themselves to unravel the mysteries surrounding Route item drops. Going by the Reddit username ‘Holo-Piplup’, this dedicated trainer has compiled a comprehensive spreadsheet containing key insights into the distribution of items along Routes in Pokemon Go, providing valuable information to fellow trainers worldwide.

Unveiling the Secrets of Pokemon Go Route Item Drops

The Journey of Data Collection

After walking a staggering 115 Routes, ‘Holo-Piplup’ amassed a total of 786 items, ranging from various berries to valuable healing items and rare treasures. Eager to share their findings, they posted the analysis on Reddit, sparking a lively discussion within the passionate Pokemon Go community.

Insights into Item Drop Rates

The compiled data sheds light on the frequency of different item drops along Routes. Among the most common finds are Razz Berries, making up approximately 32% of the total drops. Following closely behind are Revives, accounting for around 22% of the items collected, and both Ultra Balls and Hyper Potions with a frequency of approximately 16% each.

On the other end of the spectrum lie the rarer treasures, such as Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candy, Elite Fast TM, and Rare Candy XL, boasting significantly lower drop rates, ranging from 0.38% to 2.29%. These findings provide players with valuable knowledge on the probability of encountering these sought-after items during their Route walks.

Empowering Players with Knowledge

‘Holo-Piplup’s’ post is not just a data compilation; it serves as a valuable resource for all players of Pokemon Go. By providing a clearer understanding of the items they can expect to encounter during their Route walks, trainers can now make more informed decisions and strategize their gameplay accordingly. Some items may be relatively common, making them readily available for use, while others may require patience and persistence to acquire.

Unraveling the Routes Feature Controversy

The Routes feature in Pokemon Go has been the subject of much discussion and controversy. Designed to guide players to real-world PokeStops, some trainers have expressed dissatisfaction with what appears to be a seemingly random distribution of routes. Speculations have arisen that Niantic, the developers of the game, might be using this feature to gather geographic data.

Additionally, the scarcity of Routes in certain areas has been a cause for concern among players, as they feel left out of the immersive experience that Routes offer. The lack of accessible Routes has led to frustration for many trainers who seek to explore the game’s augmented reality elements.

The Enigma of Zygarde Cells

The Enigma of Zygarde Cells

A particular point of contention within the Routes feature is the acquisition of Zygarde Cells. As a legendary Pokemon, Zygarde can only be obtained by collecting these individual cells. Several Reddit users have shared their experiences of difficulties in finding these elusive cells, even after multiple Route walks.

In response to this, ‘Holo-Piplup’ offers valuable advice to fellow trainers. They suggest slowing down near the end of the Route, and in some cases, pausing or restarting the Route, as this might increase the chances of encountering Zygarde Cells.

The Road Ahead

While the findings presented by ‘Holo-Piplup’ may not resolve all the concerns surrounding the Routes feature, they undoubtedly contribute to a more informed and engaged Pokemon Go community. Armed with this knowledge, players can approach their Route walks with a renewed sense of purpose, understanding the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.


The dedication and passion of one Pokemon Go player have illuminated the path for others seeking to understand the intricacies of Route item drops. Through their analysis, ‘Holo-Piplup’ has provided valuable insights into the distribution of items, empowering trainers to make better decisions while exploring the world of Pokemon Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ‘Holo-Piplup’?

Holo-Piplup’ is a Reddit user and dedicated Pokemon Go player who conducted an analysis of item drop rates along Routes in the game.

What are the most common item drops from Routes?

Razz Berries are the most frequent item drops, accounting for approximately 32% of the total drops.

Are Zygarde Cells hard to find during Route walks?

Yes, some players have reported difficulties in acquiring Zygarde Cells, even after multiple Route walks.

How can players increase their chances of finding Zygarde Cells?

‘Holo-Piplup’ suggests slowing down near the end of the Route and possibly pausing or restarting the Route to increase the chances of encountering Zygarde Cells.

What does the analysis contribute to the Pokemon Go community?

The analysis provides players with a better understanding of what to expect during Route walks and empowers them to make more informed decisions.

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