Valorant Champions 2023: Scores, Schedule, Teams, and Live Streams

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Valorant Champions 2023! In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Valorant Champions tournament, including scores, schedule, participating teams, and where to watch the live streams. Valorant fans, buckle up, because this is the go-to resource for all the thrilling action and excitement of the Valorant Champions event!

VALORANT Champions 2023
VALORANT Champions 2023

Introduction to Valorant Champions 2023

Valorant Champions is an annual international tournament organized by Riot Games, bringing together the best teams from all around the world to compete for the prestigious title of Valorant Champions. The event showcases top-tier gameplay, innovative strategies, and intense battles that keep both players and viewers at the edge of their seats.

The Participating Teams

The 2023 Valorant Champions tournament boasts an impressive lineup of 16 teams, each representing their respective regions. These teams have earned their spot through grueling regional qualifiers and have proven their skill and determination in the highly competitive Valorant scene.

Below are the teams and players who have qualified for the event and will travel to LA.

LOUDAmericasSaadhak, aspas, Less, cauanzin, tuyz
Evil GeniusesAmericasjawgemo, Ethan, Boostio, C0M, Demon1
NRGAmericass0m, FNS, crashies, Victor, ardiis
KRÜ EsportsAmericasKlaus, NagZ, Daveeys, Melser, keznit
FnaticEMEABoaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle
Team LiquidEMEAJamppi, nAts, Sayf, soulcas, Redgar
FUT EsportsEMEAqw1, mojj, qRaxs, MrFaliN, ATA KAPTAN
GiantsEMEAFit1nho, hoody, nukkye, rhyme, Cloud
DRXPacificstax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Foxy9
Paper RexPacificf0rsakeN, d4v41, Jinggg, something, mindfreak
T1Pacificban, Carpe, xeta, Munchkin, Sayaplayer
ZETA DIVISIONPacificLaz, crow, Dep, TENNN, SugarZ3ro
BilibiliChinaBiank, rin, Knight, whzy, yosemite
EDGChinaHaodong, ZmjjKK, nobody, CHICHOO, Smoggy
FunPlus PhoenixChinaAAAY, TZH, Yuicaw, Lysoar, BerLIN

Valorant Champions 2023: Schedule and results

Valorant Champions 2023 will span over three weeks of intense competition, with matches taking place from Monday to Sunday. The tournament follows a double-elimination format, ensuring that each team gets a fair chance to fight their way to the top.

Week 1 – Group Stages (Days 1-7)

During the first week, the 16 participating teams will be divided into four groups of four. Each team will face off against the others in their group in a series of best-of-three matches. The top two teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the remaining teams will move to the lower bracket.

Week 2 – Playoffs (Days 8-14)

The second week is all about the playoffs. Teams in the upper bracket will compete in best-of-five matches, and the winners will secure a spot in the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, teams in the lower bracket will fight tooth and nail to stay in the competition.

Week 3 – Grand Finals (Days 15-21)

The Grand Finals will be an epic clash between the top two teams from the upper bracket. The match will be a best-of-seven series, where the team that emerges victorious will be crowned as the Valorant Champions 2023!

Valorant Champions 2023 Group Stage (August 6-13)

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Paper RexEvil GeniusesFnaticTeam Liquid

Day 1: August 6

Group D Round 1NAVI 2-0 Team Liquid12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group D Round 1LOUD 1-2 DRX3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 2: August 7

Group B Round 1T1 vs FUT12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group B Round 1EG vs FPX3 PM6 PM11 PM
Group D WinnersNAVI vs DRX6 PM9 PM2 AM

Day 3: August 8

Group A Round 1Paper Rex vs KRÜ12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group A Round 1EDG vs Giants3 PM6 PM11 PM
Group B WinnersTBD vs TBD6 PM9 PM2 AM

Day 4: August 9

Group C Round 1Bilibili vs NRG12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group C Round 1Fnatic vs ZETA DIVISION3 PM6 PM11 PM
Group A WinnersTBD vs TBD6 PM9 PM2 AM

Day 5: August 10

Group C WinnersTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group D LosersTeam Liquid vs LOUD3 PM6 PM11 PM
Group B LosersTBD vs TBD6 PM9 PM2 AM

Day 6: August 11

Group A LosersTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group C LosersTBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 7: August 12

Group D DeciderTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group B DeciderTBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 8: August 13

Group A DeciderTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Group C DeciderTBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs (August 16-26)

Day 1: August 16

Upper Round 1TBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Upper Round 1TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 2: August 17

Upper Round 1TBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Upper Round 1TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 3: August 18

Lower Round 1TBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Lower Round 1TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 4: August 19

Upper Round 2TBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Upper Round 2TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 5: August 20

Lower Round 2TBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Lower Round 2TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 6: August 24

Upper FinalTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM
Lower Round 3TBD vs TBD3 PM6 PM11 PM

Day 7: August 25

Lower FinalTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM

Day 8: August 26

Grand FinalTBD vs TBD12 PM3 PM8 PM

Live Streams and Where to Watch

Watching the Valorant Champions 2023 action live is an experience like no other. Riot Games ensures that fans from all over the globe can witness the excitement firsthand through various streaming platforms.

Official Valorant Twitch Channel

The official Valorant Twitch channel will be the primary destination for the live streams of the Valorant Champions matches. The channel offers high-quality streams with expert commentary and analysis, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the intense gameplay.

Valorant YouTube Live

For those who prefer watching on YouTube, the Valorant YouTube Live channel will also be broadcasting the matches. YouTube’s platform provides excellent streaming quality and the convenience of rewinding or pausing the action as needed.

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