Warzone 2 Players Express Frustration as Super Powers Remain in Unintended Game Modes

Since their introduction, Super Powers have been a contentious addition to Warzone 2, the popular battle royale game developed by Activision. Players were initially promised that these abilities would only be available in the “Super’d Up” Resurgence Mode, but it seems that the developers have faced challenges in delivering on this commitment, leading to frustration among the gaming community.

The eagerly anticipated collaboration with The Boys brought iconic characters like Starlight, Homelander, and Noir into the Warzone 2 universe, adding an exciting new dimension to the gameplay. However, with the inclusion of Super Powers, many players quickly discovered that the feature was deeply flawed. Some argued that it was overpowered (OP), while others felt that it didn’t align well with the traditional Call of Duty experience.

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In response to the community’s feedback, the Warzone 2 developers issued an update, intending to move the Super Powers to a separate game mode called “Supe’d Up” Resurgence. This would allow players to choose whether or not they wanted to play with these abilities, instead of having them forced upon them in other game modes. Unfortunately, it appears that the update did not completely remove the Super Powers from unintended game modes.

Reddit user posts brought this issue to light as they shared news about the supposed removal of Super Powers from all modes except “Super’d Up” Resurgence. However, numerous comments from other players contradicted this claim, stating that they were still encountering Super Powers in various game modes. The frustration was evident, with one user expressing, “They didn’t do sh*t, Temp V is still everywhere. At this point, these clowns can’t do anything right.”

Other Warzone fans supported the sentiment, adding, “Yep, still Temp V in duos. It’s almost like they didn’t test it first,” and humorously noting that such missteps were not surprising. It appears that the serum known as Temp V, which grants the Super Powers, is persisting in resurgence quads, resurgence solos, and duos despite the developers’ attempt to limit its presence.

Players are understandably disheartened by the continued appearance of Super Powers in game modes where they were not intended to be. However, it is important to acknowledge that updates may take time to roll out fully, and the developers might still be working on refining the implementation.

In conclusion, the addition of Super Powers to Warzone 2 has sparked controversy, with players expressing mixed feelings about their inclusion. While the promise of relegating these abilities to a specific game mode was made, the recent update has not entirely fulfilled this commitment, leading to disappointment among the player base. As the developers continue to address the issue, players hope for a smoother gaming experience, with Super Powers confined to their designated “Supe’d Up” Resurgence Mode.

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