Banshee-44’s Arsenal: Which Destiny 2 Weapons Are Worth Buying This Week?

In the ever-expanding world of Destiny 2, acquiring rare and desirable weapons can be a challenge, especially with some guns no longer available due to past seasons or limited farming opportunities. However, there are a few ways players can overcome this hurdle, and one of them involves the Gunsmith, Banshee-44.

Banshee-44's Arsenal: Which Destiny 2 Weapons Are Worth Buying This Week?
Banshee-44’s Arsenal: Which Destiny 2 Weapons Are Worth Buying This Week?

Banshee-44 offers a range of new guns for sale every week, including great rolls, hard-to-acquire weapons, and occasionally, even meta firearms. For players looking to bolster their arsenal, Banshee-44’s rotating stock can be a treasure trove of opportunities.

Understanding Banshee-44 and His Weekly Reset

Banshee-44’s stock refreshes alongside the weekly reset, occurring at 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET every Tuesday. It’s essential to keep an eye on his offerings as some of his featured stock changes daily, with rolls and guns rotating every day. Missing out on a potential god roll would be a disappointment, so checking Banshee’s stock daily is crucial.

The selection of weapons Banshee-44 sells is mostly random, but there are some limitations. He always ensures to have at least three weapons capable of utilizing the Season Artifact’s anti-Champion perks. For the Season of the Deep, these weapons include Auto Rifles, Scout Rifles, Hand Cannons, Glaives, and Trace Rifles.

Banshee-44’s Weekly Rotation

Below are all the weapons available from Banshee-44’s weekly rotation, along with the recommended traits to consider:

  1. Memory Interdict: Countermass, Smart Drift Control* – High Explosive Ordnance*, Mini Frags – Surplus – Disruption Break
  2. Legal Action II: Corkscrew Rifling*, Fullbore – Extended Mag*, Alloy Magazine – Feeding Frenzy – Rampage
  3. Palmyra-B: Hard Launch*, Smart Drift Control – Alloy Casing*, Accurized Rounds – Ambitious Assassin – Explosive Light
  4. Perses-D: Hammer-forged Rifling, Smallbore* – Accurized Rounds*, Alloy Magazine – Perpetual Motion – Opening Shot
  5. Fioritura-59: Hammer-forged Rifling*, Polygonal Rifling – Alloy Magazine, High-caliber Rounds* – Puglist – Pugilist
  6. Hand in Hand: Smoothbore*, Corkscrew Rifling – Assault Mag*, Accurized Rounds – Hip-Fire Grip – Cascade Point

Banshee-44’s Daily Rotation

From his featured daily rotation, the following weapons are worth keeping an eye on:

  1. Lodbrok-C (Kinetic Auto Rifle)
  2. Nezarec’s Whisper (Arc Glaive)
  3. Combined Action (Arc Hand Cannon)
  4. Sailspy Pitchglass (Arc Linear Fusion Rifle)
  5. Contingency Plan (Arc Scout Rifle)

Recommended Weapons

From Banshee-44’s weekly rotation, two weapons stand out as highly recommended choices:

  1. Legal Action II: A 340 RPM Kinetic Pulse Rifle, boasting the potent combination of Feeding Frenzy and Rampage. While Pulse Rifles may not be the strongest option in PvE, this roll offers an opportunity to make them work effectively.
  2. From Banshee-44’s daily rotation, consider the following:
    • Nezarec’s Whisper: Although not exceptionally special, Glaives can be hard to come by, and this is one of only two Arc Glaives in Destiny 2, with the other locked behind Trials of Osiris. Look out for the god roll: Demolitionist + Vorpal Weapon/Adrenaline Junkie.
    • Contingency Plan: This Scout Rifle excels in PvP with its exceptional fire rate (260 RPM) and access to various powerful Crucible Perks. Seek the god roll: Tunnel Vision/Outlaw/Surplus + Kill Clip.

As Guardians seek to improve their arsenals and conquer new challenges in the Destiny 2 universe, Banshee-44’s weekly offerings present a golden opportunity to obtain coveted weaponry and build the perfect loadout.

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