Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Weekly Quests and Transformers Challenges

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has landed, bringing exciting new features and challenges for players to explore. This season promises to be an adventure with the wilderness of the jungle making its way to the Fortnite map. Alongside the introduction of new weapons and gameplay elements, players can now embark on quests to level up their Battle Pass and unlock fantastic cosmetic items, including the ultimate Tier 100 skin, Optimus Prime.

Weekly Quests: The Key to Battle Pass Progression

As with every new season, players are eager to progress through the Battle Pass to collect all the captivating cosmetic items in the game’s locker. The most efficient way to achieve this is by completing weekly and seasonal quests. Each week, a fresh set of Weekly Quests becomes available under the “This Season” tab, presenting players with exciting challenges that grant substantial XP rewards.

To access the current challenges, players can simply visit the in-game Quests Page, which displays all the Weekly Quests released thus far, helping them expedite their Battle Pass progression.

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Week 8 Quests

Let’s take a closer look at the Week 8 Quests:

  1. Purchase weapons or weapon upgrades (3)
  2. Travel distance while riding on wildlife (200)
  3. Sprint distance under the effects of Slap (500)
  4. Eliminate players with Rare or better weapons (5)
  5. Search containers (20)
  6. Deal damage to opponents with pistols (2000)
  7. Hunt Raptors with the Sharp Tooth Shotgun (3)

Week 7 Quests

The Week 7 Quests are as follows:

  1. Pop vehicle tires (2)
  2. Land at Breakwater Bay or Steamy Springs and finish in the top 20 players (1)
  3. Deal damage to opponents with scoped weapons (2000)
  4. Search chests or ammo boxes at Brutal Bastion or Frenzy Fields (10)
  5. Eliminate opponents with SMGs (10)
  6. Spend Bars (500)
  7. Solve a puzzle at a Ruin (1)

Week 6 Quests

For Week 6, players will encounter the following challenges:

  1. Land at Frenzy Fields or Shattered Slabs (1)
  2. Destroy objects in named locations (50)
  3. Collect Bars (250)
  4. Purchase weapons from Vending Machines (10)
  5. Travel distance Northeast (5000)
  6. Damage opponents (2000)
  7. Damage opponents with wasps in a single match (100)

Week 5 Quests

Week 5 introduces the following quests:

  1. Fall meters from a grind vine (25)
  2. Travel distance vertically (500)
  3. Eliminate players with assault rifles or snipers (5)
  4. Hire a Character in different matches (5)
  5. Consume Small Shield Potions (7)
  6. Damage opponents while having a hired Character (500)
  7. Bounce on different Hop Flowers without landing (3)

Week 4 Quests

In Week 4, players will need to tackle the following challenges:

  1. Hit Weakpoints with a Pickaxe (25)
  2. Land at different Named Locations (5)
  3. Travel distance in vehicles (2000)
  4. Eliminate opponents with shotguns or the Explosive Repeater (7)
  5. Eliminate players in a single match (3)
  6. Finish in the top 10 players (1)
  7. Use the Cloak Gauntlets while claiming a Capture Point (1)

Week 3 Quests

Week 3 presents the following quests:

  1. Thank the bus driver, then search a chest (3)
  2. Travel distance while sliding covered in mud (100)
  3. Damage opponents with assault rifles (1000)
  4. Talk to Characters (5)
  5. Get headshots against opponents (10)
  6. Reveal enemy players or Characters (10)
  7. Open vaults using Vault Keycards (2)
  8. Restore Health (100)
  9. Search Chests (10)
  10. Eliminate Enemy Players (20)

Week 2 Quests

For Week 2, players can take on the following challenges:

  1. Deal damage to opponents with thrown items (200)
  2. Search chests and ammo boxes at Creeky Compound (10)
  3. Destroy Slurp or Slap barrels (15)
  4. Collect bars from an eliminated player in different matches (3)
  5. Drive different types of vehicles (3)
  6. Eliminate enemy players during the day (20)
  7. Damage an opponent with a Pod Plant (1)

Week 1 Quests

The initial week offers these challenges:

  1. Travel distance while grinding (500)
  2. Damage opponents with the FlapJack Rifle or SMGs (2000)
  3. Eliminate enemy players at named locations (7)
  4. Land at a Ruins location and finish in the top 20 players (1)
  5. Spend bars to reroll augments (300)
  6. Complete a job at a Job Board in different matches (4)

Snapshot Quests

Snapshot Quests are special story-related tasks that add depth to the Fortnite experience. This season, NPC Aura acts as a key point of contact for these quests. Here’s a glimpse of the tasks involved:

  1. Steal field notes about the mysterious Chalice (5)
  2. Report to Aura to help find the Chalice of the Cubetastrophe
  3. Investigate Petroglyphs at Rumble Ruins to help locate the Chalice (1)
  4. Bring Petroglyph sketches to Aura (1)
  5. Locate the Chalice using Aura’s map (1)
  6. Make an offering of 100 Gold Bars to reveal the Hidden Chalice (1)
  7. Collect the Chalice (1)
  8. Return the Chalice of Cubetastrophe to Aura

Transformers Quests

Transformers Quests offer players a chance to win free cosmetics inspired by the popular franchise. While Optimus Prime is part of the Battle Pass, even those without the pass can enjoy some free items. These challenges must be completed before June 22, 2023, at 9 AM ET to unlock the Jungle King Spray and a free emoticon.

The Transformers Quests are as follows:

  1. Acquire a Cybertron Cannon in different matches (3)
  2. Collect Transformers tokens (13)
  3. Damage opponents with the Kinetic Boomerang (500)
  4. **Emote after destroying a gas can or pump (

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