Get Free Exclusive Cosmetic Rewards in Fortnite’s Quinta Safe Event with Discord

Fortnite, the immensely popular battle royale game, is once again teaming up with a global tech brand, but this time, it’s with Discord. The new limited-time event, Quinta Safe, is set to provide players with free exclusive cosmetic rewards. If you’re a Fortnite enthusiast looking to spice up your in-game experience, here’s everything you need to know about the event and how to claim your rewards effortlessly.

Fortnite Collaboration WIth Discord

Fortnite’s Collaboration Trend

Fortnite has a reputation for its exciting partnerships with tech giants like Samsung, Xbox, and PlayStation, as well as beloved pop culture franchises. In the past, players have enjoyed various exclusive goodies from these collaborations. Recently, Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, struck a partnership with Discord, an online communication service widely used by gamers.

Introducing Quinta Safe Event

The Quinta Safe event, also known as Safe Thursday or Safe Farm, is an exciting collaboration between Fortnite Brasil, Fortnite Portugal, and Discord. This limited-time event will take place every Thursday, starting from August 3 to August 24, 2023, between 7 PM and 11 PM ET on the official Fortnite Brasil and Portugal Discord server.

Fortnite's Quinta Event with Discord

How to Participate and Claim Rewards

Participating in the Quinta Safe event is a breeze. Follow these straightforward steps to get started:

  1. Link Your Epic Games Account with Discord: The first step is to connect your Epic Games account with your Discord profile. This ensures that you’re eligible for the exclusive rewards.
  2. Join the Official Discord Server: Enter the official Fortnite Brasil & Portugal Discord server, where all the event activities will take place.
  3. Select Your Preferences: Once inside the server, navigate to the “#safe-farm” channel. There, you’ll find instructions on selecting your preferences, including Voice Chat (On or Off), Game Style (Quiet or Competitive), Ranked (Yes or No), and your preferred Platform for playing Fortnite.
  4. Get Matched with Similar Players: Click the “Get Started” button to initiate the pairing process with players who share your preferences. This will ensure a more enjoyable and customized gaming experience during the event.
  5. Play for at Least One Hour: To be eligible for the free rewards, you’ll need to play Fortnite for at least one hour each Thursday. Both Zero Build and Battle Royale game modes are valid for participation.

The Exclusive Rewards

The Quinta Safe event offers a range of exclusive cosmetic rewards for players who meet the requirements. Here’s a list of the free rewards and the respective event dates when they can be redeemed:

  1. Stand By Me Emoticon (August 3 event): Express your camaraderie with the Stand By Me Emoticon, a heartwarming gesture to show your support to your fellow gamers.
  2. You Are Beautiful Spray (August 10 event): Spread positivity with the You Are Beautiful Spray, leaving a colorful message for others to see.
  3. Talked! Emoticon (August 17 event): Express yourself with the Talked! Emoticon, letting others know you’re ready to engage in-game conversations.
  4. Explosive Greeting Spray (August 24 event): Make a bang with the Explosive Greeting Spray, a fun and dynamic way to greet other players.

Fortnite’s Quinta Safe event in collaboration with Discord promises an exciting opportunity for players to claim exclusive cosmetic rewards. By participating in the event and following the simple steps, you can get your hands on these free goodies, enhancing your gaming experience. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer; head over to the official Fortnite Brasil and Portugal Discord server on Thursdays between August 3 and August 24, 2023, and secure your rewards.

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