List Of All Popular Free Fire Player UID

Are you a dedicated Free Fire enthusiast in pursuit of your favourite player’s UID? Look no further! We’ve compiled an extensive list of Free Fire UIDs belonging to renowned players and YouTubers. Dive into the exciting world of Free Fire by accessing their unique UIDs along with their in-game nicknames. You can find your beloved player’s Free Fire UID effortlessly through our search function.

List Of All Popular Free Fire Player UID
List Of All Popular Free Fire Player UID

Our meticulous research involves extracting information from a variety of sources, including official YouTube videos, Instagram IDs, and credible websites. Rest assured, the details provided here are not only accurate but also frequently updated to reflect the current Free Fire levels of these players.

Sr. No.Player NameFree Fire Uid
1AS Gaming169525329
2Akashpro Gaming 2.O22169935
4Assassins Army148880273
5Action Bolt88651465
6Alpha 009273357142
7Ankush FF241375963
8Alpha Free Fire273357142
9Andher Yt241466677
10Attitude Gamer371984750
11Alone Boy FF368308046
12AJ’s Gaming Zone158401894
13Alex FF160275333
14Arisudan YT1595237423
15Agent 777 FF646715041
16Abhinav Gaming396562496
17Abhay FF137571485
18Aghori Gaming46454168
19Angry Gamer535863164
20Akshay Gaming FF574686644
21Agarwal YT867797018
23Basser Gaming348089122
24Bot Arpita888728834
25Black Flag Army87479880
26Bin Zaid Gaming118976298
27Broken Joystick153955531
28Betu YT89120028
29Black Shout Gaming366747654
30BR999 FF324746182
31Classy Free Fire440751607
32Costa YT1178311187
33Crazy Gamer Vki675924873
34CRX Sanjeev ff293284267
35Dominant Gaming1473321824
36Desi Gamers206746194
37Downtech Gamer1070869339
38Daddy Calling237647354
39Decor Gaming733023202
40Dhanush FF Gamer464231320
41Dino Gamer248205020
42Dhanu Dino48388225
43Enjoy Gaming1971953405
44Fire Eyes Gaming435180912
45FF Antaryami435180912
46Fact Storage1080009427
47FF Freak849207484
48Fact Fire671641568
49Fukrey Gamers757619125
50FF Balvant Gaming2157621363
51Free Fire Gamer’s Zone219169775
52Fam Clashes331739321
53FTD Gamers97085219
54FF Gamer141332098
55F-Zone Gaming141332098
56Fiza Gaming1156342906
57Gyan Gaming70393167
58Gyan Sr11974209
59Gyan Sanju50469913
60Gyan Mahakal689384346
61Gyan Rahul Op225939346
62GW Manish663844446
63Gaming With Debu376835096
64GM Gattu4126814512
65Gyan Rishabh4097186668
66GW Karan328212848
67Gaming Freak515900684
68GV Gaming Official240631971
69Gaming With Laila1147750136
70Gaming Aura152111745
71Game Knowledge425402090
72Gabru Gaming1852252645
73GXR Golden117887536
74Gaming with Nobi1138985415
75Gaming With Talha (Mr. Abu)10917522
76Gaming Puyal752828146
77Game Flame1123230440
78Gaming with Rahim591981711
79Gaming With Shubha580694816
80Gaming Mritun1361572589
81Gaming Litz915528563
82Galib Gaming325410142
83GGC Expert392385859
84Gaming Sanjib254692952
85Hakson Pro Gaming475992264
86Helping Gamer517121909
87Happy Prince Gaming124618683
88HG Free Fire280149797
89Hanzala Op2898797237
90Hs Gaming2892083162
92Icecold FF646279026
93ITZ Gareeb13030322
94Jonty Gaming180830489
95Jecks Gaming966844228
96Jannat Gaming1488197889
98Kundan Gaming566158319
99Kreck Gamer236029737
100Killer FF410558205
101Kiara Pn937351111
102KMR 2G Gamer2812262564
103Lokesh Gamer220528068
104Luffy OP1127309745
105Laka Gaming225253933
106LR7 MOON343764960
107Lr7 Riya1312059963
108Lr7 Thor424652454
109Lr7 Shatru422072166
110Lr7 Rahul743302929
111Lr 7 Vinay544933298
112Lovely Gaming1197527353
113Lepao Free Fire3276763175
114ME Gamer436415374
115Mass Mani28018277
116Mukti Asin968701572
117Messy Talk1045323751
118Miss Snooki1148140810
119Madhu Pennem770399157
120MODERN YT186663223
121Mr Rattler517167331
122Monte Carlo570632899
123MG Gamers633035572
124MBG Nithin477440874
125MBG Raj726816690
126MAGILCHI 97104299251
127Mountain Gamer538633480
128Moniez Gaming713446127
129MR Abu641088824
130MBG Rakesh2070152925
131Megastar YT769034651
132Nitin Free Fire758139311
133Noob Gamer BBF757191628
134Nonstop Gaming375342167
135Nalla Yash1358579891
136Neel Gaming377077729
137Nithin FG1237639126
138Pahadi Gaming147098967
139Pro Nation ( PN Harsh)432493578
140Patil Gaming1605613727
141PRG Gamer307838450
142PN Rex257342875
143PN Rose670974974
144PN Syed1296586056
145PN James1455269447
146PN Rowdy293482026
147PN Sara1285759882
148PN Mohit670974974
149PN Dracula251716335
150Pyare Gamer2007019069
151Pagal M10387604143
152P4F Gamer403848551
153Qari FF297564785
155Rakesh FF1424825113
156Roasted Gaming238870422
157RG Gamer Live2222090237
158Rj Rock540787023
159Rkg Army393866425
160Romeo Gamer137719383
161Rocky & Rdx1056056186
162Rahul Gaming193185339
163RDP (Rohit Sahu)294717828
164Rohit FF621584976
165Sooneta Thapa Magar131311296 
167SK Sabir Gaming55479535
167Star Gamer1442345256
168Smart Tech Gaming627865353
169SanjoyDas Official988096062
170Shrey YT202354886
171StarLine Raj2091011999
172Shiv Gaming380639623
173Sumo Gaming369468875
174Shahanwaz Gaming725730035
175Shiva Bhai Gaming14231068
176Surya Bhai245772785
177Storm Brothers340600530/6279 27969
178Selfie Gamers980152157
179Shadow Shooter240602775
180Sadia’s Gaming910281808
181Smily Killer Gaming297666999
182Total Gaming451012596
183Techno Gamerz786974995
184Taneja Op363598659
185TSG Sajjo311094057
186Telugu Gaming FF259586580
187TG Fozy Ajay29777293
189TonMoy The Bot
190Tsk Battlegrounds524737002
191TG Dada401123079
192TSG Ritik 124975352 
193TSG Jash123643969
194TSG Mann126198456
195TSG Legend212425313
196Techno Live841225750
197TG Delete235249808
198Titanium Gamer256557979
199The Rowdy Fighter900350126
200TSE Anurag260303146
201Thalaivar Gaming Telugu1298140476
202TS Dinesh YT66802151
203TGG Army3275301395
204TGB SPEED145072627
205Undergraduate Gamer256205699
206UnOfficial Gamer664129552
208Vipu Gamer846603317
209Void Gamer588731213
210We R Gamers113382678
211Why 007703478048
212X Mania97762833
213Yash Suthar 2.02407108138
2144G Gamers730188932
215Eye Killer Gaming63416054

Apart from UIDs, we’ve taken it a step further. You can also explore brief biographies, Free Fire statistics, and YouTube channel data of some of the most talented Free Fire players. In our comprehensive table, players who boast a V Badge in their profile are highlighted for your convenience.

Top 5 Free Fire Pro Player UIDs of 2023

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At GamerStats, we’re dedicated to showcasing the skill and dedication of Free Fire players. If you’re one of these players with a YouTube channel boasting over 10,000 subscribers and you’ve crossed the coveted 50-level milestone in Free Fire, you can earn a spot on our website. Here’s how you can do it:

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What is a Free Fire UID?

A Free Fire UID is a unique eight or nine-digit identification number assigned to each player by Garena. This number is instrumental in accessing the profiles of other players, revealing information such as their rank, level, and in-game statistics. Additionally, it facilitates the process of adding new friends to your Free Fire account.

Finding Your Free Fire UID?

Locating your Free Fire UID is a straightforward process. Simply navigate to your profile section within the Free Fire app, and you’ll find your unique identification number displayed there.

Adding Friends Without Knowing UIDs?

Adding friends to your Free Fire account is hassle-free, even if you don’t know their UIDs. You can simply search for their in-game nicknames, and the game will automatically populate a list of matching players for you to choose from.

In the vibrant and competitive world of Free Fire, knowledge is power. With our exhaustive list of Free Fire UIDs, coupled with detailed player statistics and information, you can take your gaming experience to new heights. Gamer Stats is your one-stop destination for all things Free Fire. Join us in celebrating the prowess of Free Fire players, and don’t forget to share your achievements with us for a chance to be featured on our platform!

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