Munna Bhai UID, Free Fire Stats, YouTube Earnings and More

Munna Bhai UID, Free Fire Stats, YouTube Earnings and More
Munna Bhai UID, Free Fire Stats, YouTube Earnings and More

Let’s delve into the incredible world of Venkata Atchuth, famously known as Munna Bhai Gaming. This Free Fire aficionado and YouTube sensation have taken the gaming community by storm, and today, we’re going to explore the details of his Free Fire UID, his stellar statistics, and his YouTube earnings.

Munna Bhai Gaming’s YouTube Stardom

Munna Bhai Gaming’s rise to stardom revolves around his YouTube channel. With over 3.07 million subscribers and a whopping 306 million views on his primary channel, he’s become a household name in the gaming world. His reach extends beyond YouTube, as he’s amassed an impressive following of 321k on Instagram.

Munna Bhai UID

Let’s start with the basics: Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire UID is 402752655, and his ID level is an impressive 81. He’s also the leader of the formidable TEAM MBG guild, identifiable by the Guild ID 1002207496. This positions him as a formidable figure within the Free Fire community.

Munna Bhai Free Fire Stats

Battle Royale Career

In the Battle Royale realm, Munna Bhai Gaming is no stranger to success. He’s engaged in 4392 solo matches and clinched a remarkable 25.95% win rate, boasting 1140 victories. His kill-to-death (K/D) ratio stands strong at 6.13, supported by an impressive 19921 kills.

For duo matches, Munna Bhai Gaming has taken part in 2647 games, securing victory in 651 of them, with a 24.59% win rate. His K/D ratio is a solid 4.95, thanks to his 9883 kills.

When it comes to squad matches, Munna Bhai Gaming’s achievements are even more impressive. Out of 12641 squad matches, he’s emerged victorious in 3954, boasting a win rate of 31.27%. His K/D ratio stands at 5.84, backed by an astounding 50771 kills.

Battle Royale Ranked

In the current ranked season, Munna Bhai Gaming has engaged in 13 squad matches, and his performance remains exceptional. He’s clinched victory in five of these matches, showcasing an impressive win rate of 38.46%. His K/D ratio in ranked matches is an astounding 8.50, thanks to 68 kills.

Clash Squad Career

Munna Bhai Gaming’s excellence extends beyond Battle Royale. In the Clash Squad mode, he’s participated in 3878 matches, emerging victorious in an impressive 78.78% of them, with 3055 Booyahs. His KDA ratio stands at 3.14, supported by 24914 kills.

It’s important to keep in mind that Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire stats are constantly evolving as he continues to engage in matches and improve his skills.

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Earnings

Beyond the thrill of gaming, Munna Bhai Gaming has managed to turn his passion into a lucrative endeavor. According to Social Blade, his monthly YouTube earnings range from $648 to $10.4k. His yearly income is even more impressive, estimated to be between $7.8k and $124.5k. This financial success is a testament to his captivating presence in the gaming community.

The YouTube Channel

Munna Bhai Gaming’s YouTube channel is the epicenter of his online presence. With 1281 videos on his primary channel, he offers a plethora of gaming content that keeps viewers engaged. One of his most popular videos has accumulated over seven million views, highlighting his ability to capture the attention of a broad audience.

According to Social Blade, Munna Bhai Gaming’s subscriber count has been on the rise, with an additional 10k subscribers in the last 30 days. Moreover, his video views have also increased by 2.593 million within the same period, showcasing his consistent growth and influence in the gaming and content creation sphere.

Expanding His Horizons

Venkata Atchuth doesn’t stop at a single YouTube channel. In addition to his primary channel, he also manages other channels to cater to diverse audiences. These channels include Munna Bhai Hindi, MBG ARMY, and TEAM MBG, each with subscriber counts of 148k, 1.23 million, and 380k, respectively. This broadens his reach and allows him to connect with a wide array of viewers.

In conclusion, Munna Bhai Gaming’s journey in the world of Free Fire, YouTube, and content creation is truly remarkable. With a Free Fire UID that reflects his leadership, exceptional statistics, and significant YouTube earnings, he has carved a niche for himself in the competitive realm of online gaming. As he continues to captivate audiences and expand his horizons, Munna Bhai Gaming’s influence in the gaming community is only set to grow.

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