Where to Find Noctilucous Jade in Genshin Impact?

In the ever-expansive realm of Teyvat, Genshin Impact players understand the value of resources, and one of the most sought-after is Noctilucous Jade. This precious gemstone is not only visually captivating but also crucial for character ascension and weapon enhancement. If you’re on a quest to acquire Noctilucous Jade, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we will lead you through the intricate pathways of Teyvat to reveal the most bountiful sources of this luminous gem.

Where to Find Noctilucous Jade in Genshin Impact
Where to Find Noctilucous Jade in Genshin Impact

1. Mount Hulao: A Shimmering Bounty

Mount Hulao, situated in the picturesque region of Liyue, is a veritable treasure trove of Noctilucous Jade. This sprawling mountain is known for its lush greenery and serene water bodies. As you navigate its winding trails, be on the lookout for glittering jade deposits. These precious gems are often found embedded in the rocky terrain and can be mined for a substantial yield of Noctilucous Jade.

2. Oceanic Abundance: Cape Oath

Cape Oath, a coastal area in Liyue, offers another lucrative source of Noctilucous Jade. Here, the crashing waves have sculpted the landscape, revealing hidden jade deposits along the shoreline. The interplay of water and stone has exposed these gems, making it a prime location for collectors seeking this radiant resource.

Mastering Mining Mechanics

To harvest Noctilucous Jade effectively, you’ll need to master the art of mining. Here’s how:

  1. Equip a Claymore: To extract jade from the rocky deposits, ensure you have a character equipped with a claymore. Characters like Diluc, Razor, or Noelle excel in this regard.
  2. Strike with Precision: Approach a Noctilucous Jade deposit and strike it with your character’s claymore. Aim for the sparkling nodes within the rock to maximize your yield.
  3. Gather Your Loot: Once the deposit has been mined, collect the Noctilucous Jade that drops. It’s essential to have sufficient inventory space to store your precious haul.

A Bounty for Weapon Enhancement

Noctilucous Jade serves a dual purpose in Genshin Impact. In addition to character ascension, it’s also a valuable resource for weapon enhancement. When enhancing your weapons to unlock their full potential, this radiant gem can significantly boost your arsenal’s capabilities. So, if you’re striving for greater combat prowess, don’t underestimate the value of Noctilucous Jade.

Optimizing Your Noctilucous Jade Collection Strategy

To ensure a steady supply of Noctilucous Jade, consider the following strategies:

  • Regular Exploration: Make exploring Liyue a regular part of your gaming routine. Check the aforementioned locations frequently for respawned Noctilucous Jade deposits.
  • Party Composition: Utilize characters with claymores in your party to maximize mining efficiency. The right team composition can significantly expedite the harvesting process.
  • Daily Check-Ins: Log in daily to check for the reset of resource nodes. Consistent play will help you amass Noctilucous Jade over time.

Noctilucous Jade is a radiant gemstone that adds a touch of brilliance to the world of Genshin Impact. Whether you seek it for character ascension or weapon enhancement, the landscapes of Liyue hold the key to your success. Venture into Mount Hulao and Cape Oath, strike with precision, and collect your gleaming rewards. With our guide, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the power of Noctilucous Jade and shine brightly on your journey through Teyvat. Happy hunting!

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