How to Get Fowl in Genshin Impact?

How to get fowl in Genshin impact?
How to get fowl in Genshin impact?

In Genshin Impact, you can obtain fowl, which is a common ingredient used for cooking, through various methods. Here are some ways to get fowl in the game:

  1. Hunting Wild Birds: Fowl can be found in the wild, usually near bodies of water, forests, and grassy areas. Look for birds flying or perched in these locations. Approach them quietly and aim your bow to shoot them down. After defeating them, you can collect fowl as a drop.
  2. Defeating Hilichurls: Hilichurls are common enemies in the game, and some of them carry fowl as loot. When you defeat Hilichurls, check their drops for fowl. The Hilichurl camps found throughout Teyvat often have these enemies.
  3. Exploration: While exploring the world of Teyvat, you may come across fowl as random items on the ground. Be sure to explore various regions, including Mondstadt and Liyue, to find them.
  4. Chests: Some chests, especially common and exquisite chests, may contain fowl as one of their rewards. Always keep an eye out for chests while exploring.
  5. Cooking: You can also obtain fowl as a byproduct of cooking certain dishes. When you cook poultry-based dishes like “Mondstadt Grilled Fish,” there’s a chance you’ll receive fowl along with the prepared dish.
  6. Purchase from Shops: Occasionally, fowl can be bought from the food stalls in cities like Mondstadt and Liyue. Check the stalls for ingredients available for purchase, and you may find fowl in stock.
  7. Daily Commissions and Quests: Completing daily commissions and certain quests may reward you with fowl as part of your quest rewards.
  8. Gacha System: Sometimes, you may receive fowl as a random item when making wishes in the game’s gacha system. While this is not a reliable source of fowl, it can occasionally provide you with some.

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