How to Get Jean in Genshin Impact?

How to get Jean in Genshin Impact?
How to get Jean in Genshin Impact?

Getting Jean, the Dandelion Knight, in Genshin Impact requires a bit of luck and patience, as she is a 5-star character and the game’s gacha system determines character acquisition. Here are the steps to increase your chances of obtaining Jean:

  1. Pray at the Banner: Jean is not always available in the standard banner; she appears in limited-time event banners. Keep an eye out for banners that feature Jean as a rate-up character. When Jean is the rate-up character, your chances of getting her are increased.
  2. Acquire Primogems: You need Primogems to make wishes on banners. You can obtain Primogems by completing quests, opening chests, and defeating enemies in the game. Additionally, daily commissions and Spiral Abyss floors offer Primogems as rewards.
  3. Purchase Genesis Crystals: You can convert real money into Genesis Crystals and then use them to purchase Primogems. This is an option for players who want to spend money to increase their chances of obtaining Jean.
  4. Wish on the Banner: Once you have enough Primogems or Genesis Crystals, navigate to the banner featuring Jean or the limited-time event banner she’s in. Perform wishes (10x wishes are more cost-effective) to obtain characters and weapons.
  5. Build Up Your Pity Counter: Genshin Impact has a “pity” system that guarantees you a 5-star character or weapon after a certain number of pulls without a 5-star drop. The counter typically starts at 90 pulls for a 5-star character banner and 80 pulls for a weapon banner. So, even if you don’t get Jean in your initial wishes, your chances improve the more you wish.
  6. Consider Other Banners: While the rate-up banner featuring Jean gives you the best chance of obtaining her, you might get lucky with her in other banners as well. Keep an eye on standard and event banners.
  7. Save Primogems: If you’re specifically aiming for Jean, it’s essential to save up Primogems and wait for her rate-up banner. Avoid spending them on other banners unless you’re not particularly interested in Jean.
  8. Be Patient: Gacha games are based on RNG (random number generation). Sometimes, it takes several wishes to get the character you want, and sometimes you get lucky on the first try. Patience is key in this game.

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