Where is the Fountain Plaza in Genshin Impact?

Many people have questions about the Fountain Plaza location in Genshin Impact? Well, this guide will help you out to find the exact location of Fountain Plaza. So, you can complete your quest.

The Fountain Plaza in Genshin Impact is a prominent location within the bustling city of Mondstadt. Situated right in the heart of Mondstadt, the plaza serves as a central hub where travelers and residents gather to exchange information, partake in various activities, and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Genshin Impact’s Fountain Plaza Location?

Fountain Plaza in Genshin Impact
Fountain Plaza in Genshin Impact

To find the Fountain Plaza, players can easily navigate to the city of Mondstadt by progressing through the game’s main storyline. Once within the city, head to the Dawn Winery tavern and have a chat with Charles, the friendly bartender. He will provide valuable insights into recent rumors surrounding the mysterious figure known as the Darknight, kicking off an intriguing Questline.

Following Charles’ guidance, adventurers should then venture out of the tavern and head towards the northeastern exit of Mondstadt, leading to the docks. Along the way, players may encounter Nimrod, who often wanders in the vicinity of the plaza. Engaging in conversation with Nimrod could yield useful clues about the Darknight.

Meeting Margaret, a woman dressed in red at fountain plaza
Meeting Margaret, a woman dressed in red at fountain plaza

Arriving at the Fountain Plaza, adventurers should seek out Margaret, a woman dressed in red. Talking to her will further advance the investigation and provide critical information about the enigmatic Darknight.

The Fountain Plaza in Genshin Impact is located in Mondstadt, and players can access it by following the Questline related to the character Diluc, Legend of Darknight Hero. This central location plays a significant role in the game, serving as a hub for interactions and discoveries amidst the vibrant world of Genshin Impact.

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