How to Get Sword of Descension in Genshin Impact?

The Sword of Descension is a special weapon in Genshin Impact that holds profound meaning for the Travelers on PlayStation consoles. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining this unique sword, its significance, and how it can aid you in your adventures.

How to obtain the Sword of Descension in Genshin Impact?

How to Get Sword of Descension in Genshin Impact?
How to Get Sword of Descension in Genshin Impact?

1. Obtaining the Sword of Descension: The Sword of Descension is exclusively obtainable for PS4 and PS5 Travelers. When you begin your Genshin Impact adventure on these platforms, the sword will be automatically available via the Mail system. However, players on other platforms can still acquire the weapon through a simple process.

2. Activating Cross-Save Feature: Players on different platforms, such as PC and mobile, can obtain the Sword of Descension by logging into the game on a PS4 or PS5 console and activating the cross-save feature. This feature allows your progress to be synced across different platforms. By doing so, you’ll be able to claim the sword on your primary platform and access it from anywhere.

3. Unique Effect – Descension: One of the intriguing aspects of the Sword of Descension is its unique effect, known as “Descension.” However, it’s essential to note that this effect only applies when playing Genshin Impact on PlayStation consoles. The weapon’s Descension ability enhances its power, making it even more potent in the hands of PS4 and PS5 Travelers.

4. The Symbolism Behind the Sword: The Sword of Descension holds great significance in the world of Genshin Impact. It represents a testament to the Traveler’s arrival in Teyvat through mysterious means. It is said that only those who have challenged the world are worthy of wielding this extraordinary sword.

5. Defying the Fate of Destruction: Legend has it that when the Sword of Descension was last drawn, it was during a time when humankind struggled to save a world on the brink of destruction – their last and only home. The sword was wielded to defy the inevitable fate of destruction, standing tall against the forces that sought to engulf everything.

6. A Sword for Seekers of Truth: The decision to wield the Sword of Descension against the law of the universe – where everything must eventually perish – may have seemed foolish to some. However, it is believed that when faced with the darkness that devours stars, only a sword can be a fitting weapon for those who face their end without fear.

7. Unraveling the World’s Secrets: By wielding the Sword of Descension, Travelers embark on a journey to seek the answers hidden within the world of Teyvat. This remarkable weapon grants the ability to cut through challenges and mysteries that await adventurers in their pursuit of truth.

8. Embracing the Present and Future: As the present fades and the future unfolds, the Sword of Descension serves as a steadfast ally. Forged for those who seek to challenge and pursue, it becomes a symbol of resilience and determination. Holding this sword, Travelers can trust in its edge to guide them through their quests.

The Sword of Descension is a coveted weapon in Genshin Impact, obtainable by PS4 and PS5 Travelers and those who activate the cross-save feature. Its Descension ability makes it even more potent when used on PlayStation consoles. The sword’s significance lies in its representation of those who have challenged the world and their pursuit of truth. Embrace the Sword of Descension, walk the earth, and unravel the challenges and mysteries that the world of Teyvat has to offer.

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