Where to get White Tassel in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, the White Tassel polearm can be obtained by exploring the world of Liyue and opening certain types of chests. Specifically, you have a chance to find the White Tassel polearm in “Chests of Exquisite” or higher quality chests located in Liyue. These chests can be found in various places throughout the region, including common exploration areas and dungeons.

How to get White Tassel in Genshin Impact?

Where to get White Tassel in Genshin Impact?
How to get White Tassel in Genshin Impact?

Here are some locations in Liyue where you might find Chests of Exquisite or higher quality:

  1. The Chasm: This area is located in the southeastern part of Liyue, and it includes The Chasm: Underground Mines. Look out for chests in the mines and the surrounding areas.
  2. Other Exploration Areas: While exploring Liyue, make sure to check every nook and cranny, including ruins, caves, and hidden spots. Some of these areas might contain the chests you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that the contents of chests are randomized, so there’s no guaranteed method to obtain the White Tassel polearm. You may need to explore multiple areas and open several chests to increase your chances of finding it.

One notable aspect of the White Tassel is its impressive CRIT Rate sub-stat, despite having a lower Base ATK. This characteristic makes it a sought-after weapon for those who favor critical hits in combat.

What makes White Tassel even more appealing is the fact that it is a 3-star weapon, which means it can be easily refined up to 5 stars. With each refinement, its Normal ATK DMG increases by 48%, a significant boost that enhances its overall power and effectiveness.

Also, please note that Genshin Impact is a dynamic game, and new updates or events may introduce changes to the availability of weapons and items. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and patch notes to stay informed about any adjustments to item locations or acquisition methods.

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